5 Genius Ways to Monetize Old Shipping Containers with Vinyl Panels

Duramax vinyl panels

Shipping containers provide quick and easy structural frames for a lot of different projects. People all over the country have been finding creative ways to take unused shipping containers and repurposing them into money-generating machines. Here were will talk about 5 different ways you can take an old container, line the interior with vinyl panels, and create a fully functioning business. Get your project measured for free by calling 323-352-9279!


Beach bars

A trendy business that can rake in some cash would be opening up a small bar by the beach with some modern design. Beach bars are quick ways to build a business and would only need an electrical wire or generator to power the whole operation. Duramax vinyl panels would be great to install because the humidity in the air and splash-zone in the bar area may need water resistant surfaces. The seamless surface of vinyl panels makes for a clean modern appearance and also very easy to clean for day to day operations.

Extraction lab

With the legalization of cannabis, there has been a high demand of the oils from plants. Extraction labs are needed to extract CBD and THC from cannabis. A great way to build an extraction lab would be using shipping containers due to its accommodating size. Of course when it comes to permitting, using Duramax FDA approved wall panels would make building out smooth. Our panels are also Fire rated Class A which passes all building and safety codes. See our testimonial here.

Shipping container pool

Many homeowners decide to use shipping containers to convert into swimming pools. Since Duramax vinyl panels have interlocking technology, contractors can easily build swimming pools with air tight, water resistant walls. Simply add silicon between each panel to create a seal that water can’t penetrate.

What makes shipping container pools unique is that they can easily be added to the end of the porch without having to dig a hole in the backyard. And an attribute that stands out is the option of having glass walls to show inside the swimming pool. The quick installation and modern aesthetic is an attractive option to many homeowners today.

Pop-up cafes

Similar to the beach bars, pop-up cafes can be a great way to monetize a shipping container. Like a food truck with a more permanent location, pop-up cafes have the ability to serve tasty food in densely populated areas such as pavilions, courtyards, festival venues, and more.

Drive-thru store

With the ability to stack on top of each other or crossed, shipping containers have been used in creative ways such as making drive-thru stores. Franchises such as Chick-fila, Starbucks, and Tacobell have been using shipping containers to build their drive-thru restaurants. Farms and groceries have also been using shipping containers too.

Vinyl panels would be useful in these situations because of the high hygienic standards and easy cleaning that the walls provide. In a fast-paced, humid kitchen workspace, walls that are water resistant, easy to clean, and low maintenance would be needed to keep the focus on operations instead of health inspections. Duramax Trusscore provides a long-term and simple solution.

If you are interested in using Duramax Trusscore for your own project, get a free consultation and quote by calling 323-352-9279! Not sure if the material is right for your needs? Ask us for a free sample.


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