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Temp Wall by Duramax

Temp Wall by Duramax provide your space a clean finish with its protective barriers, allowing undisturbed coverage on each side of the partitions. For Renovations, construction projects or temporary segments for restricted access, these ready-to-assemble walls are easy to build with no dust or debris, allowing for a quick and clean setup. The non-porous smooth panels are easily cleaned and maintained, heavy duty, and impact resistant, for the most demanding environments. The easy-to-use panel system is re-configurable and easy to re-use, take down, and transport.

Multiple configurations are possible to divide your space to suit your needs. Install a single standalone barrier, or combine them into a linear wall. These modular walls provide multiple combinations to create individual spaces.

Temp Wall by DuraMax is a temporary modular wall system that is quick and easy to install, reconfigure (there’s a typo on the site), and remove. It’s a fast and flexible solution to create temporary spaces. We offer single walls, U-shape walls, double- U and multi-U panels.

Salient Features of Duramax Temp Wall

  • Quality Building Products from a Socially Responsible Company Duramax offers quality you can trust since 1983. When you choose DuraMax you’re choosing building products that are made in the USA by a company that’s dedicated to quality, value, and social responsibility.
  • DuraMax helps you beautify your environment without sacrificing the environment. At DuraMax our research and development efforts keep us at the leading edge, with eco-friendly and maintenance-free products that are 100% recyclable. In fact, we recycle over a million pounds of our polyvinyl material every year! And by constructing these long-lasting building products out of polyvinyl instead of wood, we avoid all of the environmental problems associated with paint, lead, sealants, and VOCs.
  • Certified Quality
    We’re proud to manufacture our products in Southern California, creating employment and opportunities here in the USA. Of course, our manufacturing facility adheres to ISO9001 principles and meets all ASTM standards, ensuring reliable high-quality products for you.
  • Certified Dealer Network
    We ship nationwide and internationally (average ship time is only a week). Our product is sourced and manufactured in the USA.
  • Expert Design & Engineering
    Architects, contractors, homeowners and end customers benefit from our reusable temporary wall system that could be installed quickly and without messy construction. No building permits are required in most cases because the walls are self-contained temporary structures

US Polymers, the company behind the DuraMax Brand Temp Wall is an industry leader in providing cost-effective temporary wall solutions in the USA for durable, long-lasting and lightweight temporary wall systems for temporary rooms and isolation spaces.

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