Bring innovation to your projects with Duramax Trusscore Wall and Ceiling Panels

Fiber Reinforced Plastic

Choose Duramax Trusscore as your project solution because:

  1. Vinyl panels are the easiest walling material to install. Simply screw panels into studs from one side and interlock the next panel side by side.
  2. Vinyl panels never need replacing. Comes with lifetime warranty to never rot, warp, mold, or rust.
  3. Easy to clean seamless surface for low maintenance and high sanitation.

For the past few decades, Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) panels have been used in commercial properties as a poor solution to high moisture environments. The main reason why FRP panels are not a good solution is because they require a wooden backer and adhesive to be installed. In most environments, that is acceptable, but environments with high humidity allow for moisture to be absorbed through FRP’s crevices and into the wooden backer. This process is hard to notice and sometimes will take weeks to appear, but by that time, the damage would be immense.

Mold takes just 24 hours to form but is visible after 18 days. If there are vents nearby, the mold can spread through the facility and may even damage consumable products or harm personnel. This is why owners who install FRP see a periodic repair cycle every few years to replace peeling and water damaged walls. Break the cycle by choosing Duramax Trusscore as your water-resistant walling solution.

Vinyl panels have been growing in popularity in many industries due to its useful properties. FRP have been used in the same applications in the past few decades without any innovation. Now companies have been adopting Duramax Trusscore as a long-term walling solution, with less overall cost, lower maintenance, and better functionality. We have had many successful projects in these industries below:

  • Grow Facilities
  • Farms
  • Car washes
  • Breweries
  • Food Processing
  • Cleanrooms/labs
  • Refrigerated Storage
  • Commercial Kitchens

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