Tempwall Application

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The modular wall system is well suited for temporary and long-term construction, wall partition, and barriers. The easy-to-transport, build and transport walls save on time, money and waste. This system can be found in multiple locations such as, malls, shopping centers, schools, campuses, event centers, corporate offices, art installations, government offices, and many more.

Where we can use Temp Wall

  • Coronavirus Facility Hospital Walls / Isolation Rooms for Infections/Viruses
    Delineate areas and provide isolation as needed for testing, sleeping, or work. Duramax converts gymnasiums, armories, convention centers, and unused warehouses to Coronavirus surge facilities using our quick and easy install temporary divider wall solutions.
  • Construction for Casinos
    The Temp Wall dampens the sound and provides a clean finish for businesses to continue as usual outside the walls. Casino visitors will be able to go about their visit undisturbed while your business finishes its renovations only a few feet away. Saving time, money, and waste, these modular Temp Wall replace the typical drywall partitions.
  • Temporary Rooms for Campuses
    Besides renovations, events are held within campus walls throughout the year. This system provides modular panels for multi-room scenarios. The quick and easily transportable walls can be stored and used for different campus layouts, saving time and allowing for improvisation for segments. Saving money from labor, materials and waste costs. It is a sustainable solution for college campuses.
  • Barricades for Lease Spaces
    Malls, shopping centers have lease spaces that require build-outs when tenants change or barricade when vacant. The on-site solution for short or long term construction, containment, and barricading are perfectly provided by these Temp Wall. Since they are reusable and easy to install, and can take up very little space, perfect for malls, and other retail applications.
  • Renovations for Hotel & Corporate HQ’s
    These Temp Wall work well with any project such as temporary construction walls or barriers. This system stands out for corporate headquarters or hotels, providing containment walls to keep up to date. The Temp Wall save money and time leaving no waste costs.
  • Temporary Walls for Events
    The modular panels provide an entrance that sets the atmosphere and creates an impactful grand entrance to the show. These Temp Wall provide walls for rooms that can be built quick and clean. Segment your event space or create different temporary rooms, provide your audience with beautiful sceneries or additional storage solutions or coat checks.
  • Small Business and Retail
    Small business and retail outlets use TempWall to create a room divider wall for privacy between the customers and staff. Duramax Temp Wall panels are extremely lightweight and are configurable easily. These dividers are a smart solution when physical distancing is the primary requirement.

Benefits of Duramax Temp Wall

  • Modular systems can be deployed quickly and easily.
  • Non-porous surface
  • Hospital grade
  • UV stabilizers help in preventing cracking and discoloration,
  • Strong and light-weight panels that are easy to transport
  • Faster assembling and re-configuration
  • Multiple configurations are possible
  • Has Micorban Aegis MIcrobe Shield coating
  • 100% recyclable, no cut off waste - therefore environmentally sustainable

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