Your garage walls can last for a lifetime – Cover them with waterproof garage wall panels

car wash wall panels

A car wash garage is generally damp and very moist due to water spillage, car wash fluids, etc. You must take care of the interior. If dampness prevails, it can affect the entire interior environment, which can affect the vehicles too. It is not a good idea to have the moisture build-up all over, but how would you arrest it? You can install car wash wall panels specially made of vinyl. Now you might wonder why only vinyl because there are so many other types of wall panels.


Vinyl is known for its waterproof qualities, whereas no other type of panels possesses this trait. All you need to install is a water-resistant panel so that the interior is arid. We have in stock high-quality and easy to install waterproof garage wall panels


FRP panels have backers to seep moisture:

There exist two types of wall panels: the popular ones are FRP and PVC. Knowing this, we have a lot of clients asking us whether FRP is also the right solution. So, to clear your doubts and to help you make informed decisions, we would tell you that FRP is not a waterproof solution because it has backers made of OSB, Drywall, or Plywood from where moisture seeps into the panels and accumulates to form mold and bacteria which can also harm the walls. When the walls and the panels are both damaged, it will result in a massive expense. FRP Panels start peeling off only after a few years of installation, and it’s a recurring expenditure. 


PVC panels can last for a lifetime: 

On the other hand, Duramax PVC panels are incredibly reliable and suitable for installing in moist commercial interiors. These do not have backers, so there is no chance of moisture escaping into the panels. Thus, the panels and the walls are both protected for the long-term. Vinyl panels, once installed, can last for a lifetime; our panels can remain in good condition for about 25- 30 years without any special maintenance. 

High-quality customized panels: 

Duramax manufactures high-quality, waterproof, and affordable vinyl panels in the USA, and our panels are suitable for commercial use. You discuss your requirements of where you want to install, and we supply you with the ideal panel. We design the most modern and technologically advanced garage wall panels that help you to keep your garage walls dry and healthy for a lifetime. All our car wash wall panels are safe to install; they have a 1-hour fire grade, which forbids any sudden fire accidents; the panels are also chemical resistant. All our waterproof garage wall panels are ASTM certified to ensure its FDA compliant. 

Save more by investing in PVC panels: 

We are blessed to have received so much love from so many trusted clients. It has been forty years that we are into this business. All our panels are customized according to your requirements. The vinyl panels are affordable and easy to install; thus, you can cut 50% of the labor cost and 40% of the material expenses by choosing vinyl panels. Invest in vinyl panels that are simpler to install and easier to maintain. You can visit our website and ask us for a free sample. Request for a quote.


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