4 Ways Duramax PVC Stacks Up Better Against Other Materials

4 Ways Duramax PVC Stacks Up Better Against Other Materials

In a commercial establishment, maintaining hygiene and aesthetics is a priority. Especially when it comes to building a pharmaceutical cleanroom, dairy farm, food processing plant, commercial kitchen, or brewery, selecting the right material for walls and ceilings is absolutely critical. Because these spaces are exposed to high levels of humidity, heat, smoke, and variations in temperature regularly, you need to choose their wall material with care.  Get a free quote or sample, call 323-831-3979!


Paint jobs often don’t stand the test of time and end up looking dull and old within a matter of a few months, which is neither enticing for the customers nor desirable from a hygiene perspective. Therefore, with options like PVC, FRP, tiles, and metal panels available, there are enough reasons for you to look beyond paint. Here, we’ll discuss why Duramax PVC panels are better than most of these options.

1.  Fast, easy, and inexpensive installation

Duramax PVC is lightweight and can be easily installed without needing any special training or tools — you can even do it on your own! The same is not true for materials like metal and wood panels, which require specialized installers to set them up the right way. Glazed tiles, as well as pre-faced concrete blocks, require longer installation time and they are not cheap.

Remember, longer installation hours often mean that operations at your facility will be stalled for a longer period, which hurts your business. With Duramax PVC, you can get up and running with your newly walled facility faster.

2.  Ensure sanitary and hygiene conditions

Hygiene is a factor that cannot be overlooked in most commercial facilities. In such application areas, using Duramax PVC for setting up walls and ceilings can ensure better sanitary and hygiene conditions for longer. Being splash-proof and moisture-resistant, it thwarts any bacterial growth much better than materials like wood and FRP.

3. Easy-to-maintain aesthetic look

Duramax PVC not only imparts a bright, clean finish to your interior walls, but it’s incredibly easy to maintain too. The smooth and glossy surface of Duramax PVC retains its fresh new look for years, eliminating the need for touch-ups, unlike painted concrete walls which require re-painting to be done frequently. Thanks to its groove-less surface design and hidden fasteners, cleaning up the Duramax panels takes little time — a quick wipe down daily is often all that it takes!

While we have listed just four reasons to choose Duramax PVC over other materials, there are many other reasons that make it a significantly better and cost-effective choice for facility owners.

4. Better strength and durability

Wooden wall panels and ceilings definitely look aesthetic but they score poorly in durability. In several application areas such as meat processing plants, poultry farms, and breweries, high humidity can simply undermine the quality of operations. Wood panels are susceptible to moisture absorption and mold formation. They are also susceptible to termite attacks.

Steel panels are very durable and look good too. However, steel gets affected by hard water scaling. To counter this, facility owners need to spend on waterproof epoxy coating — not a very cost-effective option.

The FRP panels score well on durability but they need backer made with plywood, drywall or OSB, which makes the material somewhat susceptible to moisture in the long run. These panels have fasteners on the surface which allow the moisture to soak in.

As a 100% water-resistant wall solution, Duramax PVC lasts much longer. It’s chemical resistant, fire-proof and does not corrode like metals. Its unique webbed inner truss design makes it highly durable and impact-resistant even in the most demanding environment. Feel free to contact us to learn more about Duramax’s other compelling features.



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