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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud Kitchen is an emerging business idea that demands minimum investment but promises high returns in the long run. The concept is innovative, new, and modern, where you can create a commercial kitchen setup for delivering food without having to create a dine-in space. Read More

Dampness and mold formation are persistent problems in commercial facilities and residential buildings. Dampness in facilities affects the functionality and degrades the aesthetic value of the space. Read More

Of late, PVC wall panels have gained significant popularity in the commercial sector for their practicality and affordability. PVC Panels are designed for versatility and meet most commercial facilities' requirements. Read More

PVC bathroom wall panels are value for money and have a straightforward installation procedure. PVC panels have emerged as a relevant choice for bathroom interiors because they are moisture-resistant, antibacterial, and easy to maintain. Read More

Of late, the legalization of the cannabis business has popularized indoor farming across the country. One of the key requirements for profitable indoor farming is a functional and efficient grow room. Read More

Basements are versatile spaces that can be used for a variety of uses. Converting basements into full-fledged facilities can be profitable and affordable. Read More

Hygiene and cleanliness are primary concerns in a health facility to ensure patient safety and proper healing. Without proper infrastructure and hygiene essentials, hospitals can become potential disease threats. Read More

Vinyl-covered drywall is outdated as it struggles to meet the requirements of commercial spaces. They are vulnerable to moisture that leads to rotting and mold formation. Read More

Marinas remain exposed to the water and need complete protection to avoid dampness and other moisture damage. Traditional wall panels like FRP are water resistant but require backer boards, which are vulnerable to moisture and result in mold formation. Read More

Choosing the right ceiling material is crucial to maintaining a hygienic and functional space. Ordinary ceiling panelings are susceptible to moisture, resulting in damp patches and leakages. Read More

Commercial spaces require waterproof solutions to prevent dampness and mold growth. Ordinary wall panels like FRP panels and drywall absorb water and give rise to damp patches and contaminated interiors. Read More

Bathroom renovations can be expensive and time-consuming. However, if you are looking for a quick and affordable solution to renovate and enhance the look and feel of your bathroom, PVC Panel for wall can be an ideal choice. The versatility of these panels has made them enormously popular among contemporary projects. Read More

PVC Panels are an excellent solution for enhancing the interiors of commercial and residential projects. They are feature-loaded with durability, versatility, ease of installation and maintenance, sleek and modern designs, and affordability. Read More

Of late, PVC Panels have gained significant importance in the paneling industry because of their exceptional durability and resistance ability. PVC Panels are being used in both residential and commercial projects to enhance the functionality and versatility of the spaces. Read More

Considering the price factor while choosing a wall paneling solution for your projects is primary to keep things within the budget. However, choosing a functional, efficient, and yet affordable paneling solution is nothing less than a challenge. Read More

Designing commercial spaces can be quite a challenge as there are many aspects that need to be considered. However, nothing could beat the idea of customized paneling solutions that are tailored-made considering the design and functionality requirements. Read More

In contemporary times, USA-made PVC Panels have evolved as a primary choice for commercial and residential projects. There are many factors that have worked towards popularising these panels, like their durability, moisture resistance, affordability, and simple installation procedures. Read More

Budget is an important factor while designing a facility, and choosing an expensive wall paneling solution can be a severe mess with the budget. While the market is filled with solutions that can cost you a fortune, there are also affordable and featureful Plastic Panels Read More

Car wash interiors remain predominated with water and cleaning agents and can affect the interiors with dampness and mold formation. However, you can prevent the same and opt for a hygienic and damp-free environment by installing Vinyl Wall Panels. Read More

Finding cost-effective paneling solutions for renovating commercial and residential spaces without compromising on quality is a challenging task. PVC Wall Panels are one of the most affordable and versatile Read More

PVC Panels are the present and future of the paneling industry that is relevant for use in different industries for their versatility. They have successfully replaced the traditional panels in residential and commercial setups. PVC Panels are feature loaded and offer a moisture-resistant, antibacterial, and sleek interior finish. Read More

Fire protecting the interiors of commercial facilities is essential to avoid any unforeseen incidents. Traditional panels like FRP and Drywall are vulnerable to flames and can result in a serious fire incident. However, by opting for PVC Panels, you can ensure fire safety and make for safe and secure interiors. Read More

Modern facilities require modern solutions that look aesthetically appealing and prevent damp patches and stinky environments. While traditional paneling systems struggle to meet the requirements, PVC Panels are singular. Made from 100% virgin Vinyl, PVC Panels are capable of resisting moisture and are fit for use in humid conditions. Read More

With the use of modern technologies and innovative designs, PVC Panel Manufacturers have succeeded in creating highly durable and robust panels. PVC Panels have incredible resistance that protects them against moisture damage and collapsing from other external factors. Read More

“Recyclable” is not just a term in the 21st century. It is something that dictates our future and ensures what we leave behind for future generations. Standing on the edge of an impending climate crisis, it is our duty to embrace sustainable and environment-friendly products. Read More

When planning to install PVC as food processing wall panels, there are many factors that need to be addressed, and safety is one of the most important ones. PVC Panels are a safe option, a statement supported by evidence. Read More

Suppose you own a dairy farm and are looking for a paneling solution to meet the requirements efficiently; check out PVC panels. PVC Panels are far better than dairy FRP panels, which need to be updated and help keep up with challenges. Read More

PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride Panels are affordable and innovative paneling solutions. They do not ask for expensive installation expenses or require frequent repairs or replacements. These panels are impressively durable and robust to remain effective for decades without wear-off. Read More

FRP panels and drywall are outdated and no longer meet the requirements and expectations of modern facilities. They deteriorate with excessive moisture exposure and are inefficient in handling challenging environments. Read More

Restaurant interiors and kitchen interiors require a solution that offers optimal protection against moisture, fire, and high footfalls. Ordinary panels do not meet these requirements and collapse over the years, making for greater expenses. Read More

Vinyl wall panels are a modern and cost-effective paneling solution. They are featureful and help save money on installation and maintenance expenses. They have practical features that help you to save money and make the most out of your facilities. Read More

Suppose you want the most convenient and durable option to protect your walls from moisture-attack and your commercial indoors from bacterial infestation. In that case, vinyl wall panels are just the right solution. Vinyl panels are the most versatile wall covering material that Read More

In a high-traffic and humid commercial kitchen, constant steam from cooking can separate the adhesive from the FRP panels, resulting in moisture staying trapped between the layers. This creates an ideal environment for mold and bacteria to thrive and compromise food safety. Read More

Suited for both commercial and residential interiors, vinyl panels can both protect the ceilings and add character to them. PVC ceiling panels are an extraordinary way of preventing ceiling damage as they serve as a waterproof covering. Being 100% moisture-resistant, Read More

The PVC wall panels boast an unmatched life expectancy, making them the preferable choice across various commercial buildings. They are made of truss technology, making them more durable, sturdy, and resilient than any other wall covering material in the market. Read More

Humidity is mostly a boon to hemp. Yet excess humidity can have its problems. Adjusting the right humidity level inside your grow room is vital in keeping your plants healthy and happy. Around 80% of humidity is said to be ideal for growing cannabis to prevent them from drying out. Read More

Shower wall cubicles are extremely convenient add-ons to all commercial bathrooms offering a visually attractive space for regular showers. However, apart from adding aesthetics, shower cubicles also serve good functionality to your bathroom by restricting the water from entering it and keeping the space clean and dry. Read More

All orders cancelled after 72 hours of receipt will carry a 10% cancellation charge. Stock items in new condition may be returned within 30 days of purchase only. All returns will be assessed a 25% restocking fee. Read More

Bathrooms are the most overlooked spaces both in residential and commercial areas. Germs and bacterial growth inside bathrooms are very common, especially because moisture is mostly trapped and cannot escape either because of poor ventilation or shut windows. Read More

The 100% water-resistant PVC panels have evolved as one of the most trusted walls covering materials that are being vastly used by entrepreneurs from all the leading commercial sectors. Its moisture-resistant feature is prompting entrepreneurs to choose them over Read More

The versatility of PVC panels makes them a superior wall covering material to alternatives like FRP, plywood, drywall, Mylar, tiles, etc. Its 100% water-resistant feature makes it a popular choice for all commercial interiors, including wet and humid areas. Read More

FRP, Fiber Reinforced Plastic, and PVC, or Compound Polyvinyl Chloride, are the most commonly used wall covering materials across wet and humid commercial areas. However, the PVC panel for the wall is always a better option when it comes to performance, longevity, and moisture resistance. Read More

If you are planning to revamp your office space, nothing could get better than installing USA made PVC panels in your commercial interiors. PVC panels can immensely help you in remodeling your commercial space to a whole new level. Read More

When you are running a commercial kitchen, you should put safety and hygiene as a priority. They are the essential factors that can make or break the brand value of your restaurant. The quality and hygiene of food can be maintained. Read More

Running a commercial car wash garage involves investment. You have to carry out regular maintenance in order to keep the commercial car wash garage safe and hygienic all the time. In order to secure a car wash garage from structural damage. Read More

If you have recently stepped into the realm of the cannabis business, you have to be proactive while cultivating cannabis. When you are running an indoor cannabis business, you have to simply keep a tab on the key aspects that can make your. Read More

Today, Cannabis businesses are soaring high due to the immense health benefits Cannabis possesses. About half of the population across the globe was found to be enthusiastic while procuring Cannabis for alleviating their severe health disorders. Read More

Commercial spaces such as car wash garages, kitchens, laundromats, and breweries deal with high-volume liquids. Their operations are mainly based on water; which is why the chances of wall and ceiling dampness tend to be high. The splatter. Read More

PVC is an ideal cladding material that was invented in Europe in the year 1970. They exhibit a clean and bright appearance that was once used only for interior ceiling and wall finishing. However, with time, PVC wall panels have slowly replaced Read More

When installing PVC panels inside the residential or commercial space, a lot of factors arise based on safety. Although they are excellent washable wall panels, investors keep on worrying whether they can further harm their health. Read More

When you are operating a milk production unit in the USA, you have to be extra cautious while maintaining it. At times, dairy parlors become a hub of germs, stains, and bacterial infestation that led to the cause of foul smell and contamination. Read More

Previously, people preferred tiles as the first option for improving the look and feel of commercial spaces. The unique textures and appealing colors make the tiles a highly engaging decorative option. However, with the passage of time, the introduction. Read More

Most buyers are looking for a drywall alternative that allows them to save their time on the installation process. Fortunately, plastic paneling has come into existence that offers a seamless installation process. PVC ceiling panel is regarded as. Read More

No matter how regularly you clean up your commercial space, the cycle of accumulation of dirt keeps on growing which makes the cleaning process more complex over time. When it comes to keeping a commercial kitchen in well-maintained. Read More

When you are planning to install a new wall and ceiling paneling solution to waterproof the infrastructure, you should probably buy a PVC wall panel. Today, PVC panels are worth the hype for many good reasons. It improves the outlook of. Read More

Most business owners and contractors prefer installing PVC wall and ceiling panels over installing FRP for better shielding and enhancement of commercial space. PVC wall and ceiling panels are state-of-the-art cladding materials that are specifically. Read More

When hanging objects on our panels, treat it as you would drywall. For a more secure attachment, use the wall studs as attachment point. Ohterwise, use appropriate fasteners that can carry the load.

We manufacture and sell direct out of Los Angeles only. We ship nationwide, we use LTL freight companies to help keep shipping costs down.

We ask for 5 business days to ship out most orders, plus freight time to jobsiste. Eastern States average a little over two weeks.

Yes, you may provided you use an adhesive that are for plastics or pvc.

Our panels double as a ceiling replacement. Our H divider trim piece combines the panels lengths to help span across longer lengths. Just like with walls, the max span between fasteners should be no more than 24″. Horizontal strapping is not necessary unless needed.

Duramax PVC panels just need framing to attach to, they are great for any high mositure environment or space where sanitation is important.

Horizontal framing is only needed when the studs aren’t 16″ on center, or if the distance between studs is not consistent. Max span between fasteners when doing horizontal framing is 24″.

Yes, Duramax PVC panels just need to be fastened to any framing or wall with pancake head fasteners screwed into the middle of the nail flange hole to allow for expansion and contraction. Horizontal furring strapping is common when installing over concrete or brick..

Yes, Duramax PVC panels have a class A fire grade which allows it to go directly on to the stud without issues?

Our panels are made from virgin PVC, they are succeptible to expanding and contracting according to the temperature. Using adhesive would not allow the panels to shift which could cause the panels to crack and fail. We strongly recommend only using fasteners that are screwed into the middle of the nail flange hole to allow the expansion or contraction.

Vinyl Wall Paneling is a more popular choice for commercial kitchens because they do not peel and last a lifetime than FRP.

“Our panels come in 8 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft, 16 ft and 20ft.

There are PVC paint lines that support this application.

Our panels are really easy to cut and work with, most projects require some cutting of the panels. We recommend using a fine tooth blade in reverse.

Our panels are a pound per foot (8′ = 8 lbs), which makes them extremely light weight and easy to work with.

Our panels do not have any significant insulation value. Insulation behind the panels are recommended when trying to control the temperature of the environment.

Currently, we only carry matte white with a smooth finish. We are capable of manufacturing gray or tan panels for orders of 10k square ft or more.

Our tongue and groove system keeps water from going in between the panels, but we suggest using pure (off-white/clear) silicone in between panels and around trim pieces on projects where there is heavy moisture.

Duramax PVC Panels:

A Superior Solution for Walls and Ceilings

From specifications to product data sheets and installation guides, the Resource Center is your source for all of Duramax’s product information. These pages contain the most up to date reference materials associated with Duramax's products and systems. If you cannot locate the information you are looking for please contact our Customer Service Department directly.

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