Buy Waterproof Duramax Trusscore PVC Panels for Your Dairy Farm – Reap the Benefits

Dairy rooms are considered to be a very hygienic zone, even a place that is filled with moisture. Since dairy products are stored here, these rooms if not taken care can be susceptible to mold and mildew. The walls and ceiling of your dairy rooms tend to attract a lot of moisture and this can cause severe damage to the walls. Dairy rooms store edible products and it must be safe without any sort of poisoning. Even there are so many laborers working there and a damp atmosphere is harmful for them too. Your walls and ceilings can change the environment of the dairy room, thus paneling is very important.


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Incase you are even planning to renovate your dairy farm, choose premium quality materials that offers value for money. It’s ideal to choose a waterproof material that protects from dampness and excess moisture. A moisture-filled environment is also considered as an ideal milking condition, you can imagine the walls and the interior getting affected by so much of moisture. Duramax manufactures waterproof Trusscore PVC panels very much suitable for damp conditions. Installing vinyl panels can prevent your walls from corroding and rotting.

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For so long people have used FRP wallboards in humid environments but FRP is not as protective and long lasting compared to vinyl. The former shows signs of delamination can rot overtime and demands high maintenance. Recently, nothing can beat vinyl panels and especially the ones manufactured by Duramax. Customers prefer vinyl because, it’s easier to install compared to FRP, you can save the labor cost by installing vinyl panels yourself or you might call over a friend of yours to help. But, FRP needs two people to complete the complex installation process. Installing vinyl is easier because there is no need to fix any backer, no adhesive needed but in FRP you have to fix backers. Vinyl panels have interlocking tongues and grooves. Initially vinyl costs a bit more than FRP but in the long run it’s cheaper because once installed you do not have to spend any more on maintenance, repairs or replacement. When you compare the durability of vinyl with FRP, the former wins by many points. Vinyl is extremely durable; it lasts very long and retains its look. Vinyl panels are not prone to callbacks; they do not delaminate whereas FRP does.

Vinyl is becoming more and more popular for its water resistivity and light reflective quality. People are no more tempted by the low frp pricing. They can walk an extra mile to get quality and durability. If you wish to double the water resistivity, you can install a silicone sealant in the middle of the panels and then even water vapor won’t be able to enter. Its ideal for dairy farms, your products would be safe inside.

Trust Duramax, we are manufacturing FDA certified vinyl panels for more than a decade, we believe in offering quality to our clients. All our panels are manufactured in the USA, they are chemical resistant and have a 1 hour fire grade which means they won’t burn out or instantly catch fire like plastics do. Choosing Vinyl over FRP is always the wisest option, vinyl is now the most suitable FRP alternative.

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