Choosing Vinyl Panels Over FRP Wall Panel For Different Industries

Choosing Vinyl Panels Over FRP

Choosing the right material for paneling is essential. Otherwise, one might have to make many callbacks for repair and maintenance. While there are many options such as FRP wall panel, PVC and Mylar, choosing the PVC panels over anything would be right.

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Choosing Vinyl Panels For Dairy Farms

The dairy industry would use the vinyl panels in place of FRP panels because they are easy to clean and maintain. Also, the installation is pretty easy. Apart from that, vinyl panels tend to cost less than FRP when viewing overall costs. This is because vinyl panels don’t require adhesives and backers for installation.

Choosing Vinyl Panels For Grow Rooms

Grow rooms require proper protection from mold in their walls. Hence it is essential to get PVC panels because they tend to keep mold and moisture away. FRP panels, on the other hand, aren’t completely moisture resistant and have to be replaced every few years. Also, they are light reflective and hence allow even distribution of light as well. This ensures that plants get optimal growth.

Choosing Vinyl Panels For Laboratories

Protection of the walls in laboratories is of prime importance. FRP panels are not able to provide proper protection because they tend to peel off after a while. Plus, they are not chemical resistant as well which vinyl panels are. So, these Fiberglass wall panels need replacement very often. Also, FRP panels require two people to do the job whereas PVC panels only require a single person for installation. That makes installation of FRP cost more than PVC.


Not just these, but other industries should use vinyl instead of FRP panels. Some of these industries are Agriculture, poultry farms, fisheries, food processing, and other areas that have a moisture-filled environment.


It is essential to find a solution that is caused due to the lack of specific capabilities that FRP panels tend to have. So, as a result, the use of PVC or Vinyl panels is highly recommended in these industries. These panels are easy to install because the tongues and grooves interlock correctly.


So, having vinyl panels would be a solution to all the problems that occur through the years using FRP panels. Buy PVC wall panel from Duramax now. Get a free quote today by calling 323-831-3979.



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