Could Kevin motivate you enough to install a waterproof vinyl panel in your car wash garage?

car wash wall panels

Kevin now owns a car wash garage, it’s like his dream come true. Now he was interested in doing the interiors, which also included covering up the walls with waterproof wall panels. He knew that his car wash would be a moist zone, so he wanted to take care of the walls and the ceiling. He researched the internet for various options, read about waterproof panels, and then came across vinyl panels and was searching for manufacturers in California


Kevin asked his colleagues and friends; most suggested him to choose vinyl wall panels. He found Duramax, he took a tour of our website and finally decided to have a consultation with us. Our experts motivated him by showing how vividly our panels are being used across various commercial sectors, mainly industries that depend on moisture. Some of the important areas are commercial kitchens, restaurants, shower walls, grow rooms, car wash, fisheries, meat packaging facilities, hospitals, and more. 

We also explained to Kevin that our commercial wall panels are completely waterproof. The panels do not have backers, making sure that no moisture enters the panels through the backers. This also makes the PVC panels mold and bacteria resistant. When you compare FRP vs. PVC, the FRP panels have backers (OSB, Plywood, or Drywall). When FRP is installed in moisture-prone areas, the backers actively attract moisture. The water vapor gets accumulated in between the panels and the walls to form mold and give birth to bacteria. This damages the panels and the walls gradually, repairing or replacing the walls, and the panels are expensive. 

Our panels are durable, modern, lightweight but can endure extreme pressure. The panels are not affected by any chemicals, also have a 1-hour fire grade; they are non-combustible, which prevents immediate fire hazards in case there is an outbreak. We assured Kevin about the quality; all our panels are ASTM certified to ensure our products are FDA compliant. Another advantage of our panels is they help you keep your energy bills low. The products are light-reflective; it can evenly distribute the reflected light keeping your energy bills minimum. Vinyl panels are white, thus have a brighter and cleaner appearance. 

Now talking about the FRP pricing, it is not very different from PVC, but post-installation PVC is a bit affordable. FRP needs a minimum of two professionals for installation, be ready to pay for two. Also, you need to invest in additional materials like adhesive, lamination, backers, rivets, etc.; this involves extra cost. After you have spent, FRP panels won’t last long, showing signs of peeling within a few years. But on the other hand, PVC can be installed very fast by only one expert, and you do not need to invest in any other materials. Also, the panels have the longest lifespan; it can last for 25-30 years without repairs and specialized maintenance. 

Statistics say that installing Duramax panels can curtail 50% of the labor expenses and 40% of the material costs. Call us for a sample, request for a quote.


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