Cover your grow room walls with Duramax’s unique grow room vinyl panels

Grow room walls

There is already a lot of moisture prevailing inside a grow room. But a moist environment is considered ideal for the growth of medicinal plants. So consider, in what way excess moisture is harmful? The walls and the ceiling cannot endure humidity and can perish soon. When you invest in a grow room, you surely expect it to last long and wish that your plants would grow well. For this to happen, you can think of covering the walls and ceiling with waterproof vinyl panels


Exclusive vinyl panels from Duramax – 100% waterproof:

There are different types of wall panels, but all do not possess waterproof capabilities like vinyl. Also, vinyl panels have other exclusive benefits. Keep reading to know more. If you search the internet for vinyl panel manufacturers, you would surely come across Duramax in the top results of search engines. We manufacture high-quality vinyl panels from 100% virgin vinyl. 

FDA compliant wall panels that lasts for a lifetime:

All our vinyl panels are ASTM certified to ensure the highest quality; the panels are FDA compliant. Safety is the most critical factor; our panels are chemical resistant and have a 1-hour fire grade that forbids any sudden fire hazard. Vinyl panels, once installed, can last for a lifetime. Our panels can last for almost 25-30 years without showing any signs of damage or even hampering the grow room walls.

Vinyl panels that are white, light-reflective and help you save money:

Duramax vinyl panels are white; this gives a clean look to the grow room and there is a lot of light. There should be a consistent supply of light for the healthy growth of medicinal plants. So, light plays an essential role, and here, our panels come into play. Duramax panels are light-reflective; they are capable of distributing the total amount of reflected light. This also helps save your energy bills, which is indeed a considerable saving in the long run. 

Inexpensive vinyl panel installation:

Vinyl panels are more comfortable installing; the panels are attached directly to the studs, making the installation process smoother. PVC panels are inexpensive to install; you do not need to invest in additional materials, and hiring only one contractor does the job. This is very much unlike FRP panels because FRP are expensive to install, you need to spend more on buying materials for installation and hiring two or more than two laborers. Installing PVC panels is a saving in the long run when compared to FRP panels. 

No regular cleaning and maintenance needed:

Duramax panels do not require much cleaning or maintenance. The panels do not need regular cleaning, and it can be cleaned easily without any hassle. Also, you do not have to spend any money on hiring additional laborers for cleaning. The vinyl panels being smooth has no cervices; therefore, there is no scope of bacteria to thrive underneath the surface. 

If your grow room is infested by mold, mildew, and bacteria, your medicinal plants won’t grow steadily. It is important to maintain and take care of your grow room walls, and you can do it best by covering up the interior with grow room vinyl panels

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