Duramax: Advantages Of Choosing Waterproof Vinyl Panel Over FRP For Grow Rooms

Advantages Of Choosing Waterproof Vinyl Panel Over FRP For Grow Rooms

Grow rooms are included amongst various locations where the moisture content is found to be high. Hence, paying proper attention to safeguard the grow room walls and ceilings  is mandatory for owners. The grow rooms help cannabis plants grow; they are used for several medicinal purposes. So, it is essential that these plants are kept safe from excessive moisture, bacteria, and mold. Also, the workers inside these grow rooms are in constant threat from infectious diseases if they come in contact with mold and bacteria. So, it is essential that the grow room owners focus more on the selection of a proper, long-lasting, and beneficial walling material for protection.

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There are different materials in the market, such as Trusscore PVC panels, metal panels, and FRP panels as well. However, not all substances can provide benefits such as durability and mold-resistance. Since FRP panels have been in the market for a more extended period than the other elements, they are the first choice of the grow room owners. But with the advent of vinyl, people have already discarded FRP for so many reasons. However, choosing a waterproof vinyl panel might be a good idea for people because these panels have additional benefits such as easy maintenance standards, mold and bacteria resistance, smooth surface for easy cleaning and many others.

Given below is a comprehensive discussion on the benefits of choosing vinyl panels instead of others to grow rooms.

Vinyl Panels: A Better Solution For Grow Rooms Than FRP Panels

A poignant reason why the grow room owners favor vinyl panels over FRP panels is that these panels can be installed very easily. Also, the cost associated with installing vinyl panels is not very high when compared to the FRP panels. During the installation of FRP panels, there is a requirement for new adhesives and backers, which increase the overall material cost. Also, the installation cost associated with FRP panels is higher because these panels require more workforce to install.  However, vinyl panels don’t need additional adhesives or backers as vinyl is thick enough, these can be installed single-handedly.

Vinyl panels are also resistant to mold. This is another property that grows room owners consider during the choice of the walling material. Apart from that, vinyl panels have a smoother surface than FRP panels, which makes them easier to clean as well. There are no crevices present in vinyl panels which further prevents the formation of bacteria.  

The durability and low maintenance requirements of plastic wall panels are some of the other reasons why the owners of grow rooms always favor these panels. Vinyl panels don’t delaminate after some time and hence are not susceptible to callbacks. Also, these panels meet all the FDA requirements, which are further proof of the durability of vinyl panels.

Since grow rooms are essential to ensure the safety of the cannabis plants, the owners need to choose vinyl panels as the ultimate solution for walling.

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