Duramax Catering to Commercial Kitchens by Manufacturing Durable PVC Wall Panels

plastic wall panels for commercial kitchen

PVC panels are highly being used in food processing industries and also in commercial kitchens. When it comes to cooking, there should be absolute hygiene. Yes, cooking or storing food in a unit for days and months can lead to accumulation of excess moisture, oil spill, stains on walls, too much heat affecting the walls, peeling etc. As you need gloves before taking out anything from the microwave, the same way your walls need protection too. You can install pvc wall panel which offers ultimate protection.

If you are planning to open your own commercial kitchen and maintain it really well or if you have decided to revamp your existing cooking unit, install waterproof and fireproof plastic wall panels for commercial kitchen. Our panels are completely water-resistant thus there are no chances of any dampness and we also manufacture –hour fire grade panels and this ensures that your space won’t catch fire easily in case there is a fire hazard. You are running a commercial kitchen where you are preparing food for so many people and you can so many cooks doing their job. So, it’s mandatory to ensure that the environment is free from bacterial, mold, mildew etc. If the FRP panels have perished, take a break from FRP and choose vinyl.

When choosing paneling material for your commercial kitchen, you could be spoilt for choices; you have FRP, vinyl, mylar and probably more. But right now, a lot of customers are facing major setback due to excess moisture affecting the walls. Apart from vinyl none of these materials are waterproof and highly durable.  When you choose panels you are definitely looking for the most affordable, durable and long-lasting solution. Now if you wish to save some more money in this process, you can choose to install vinyl panels yourself. You do not have to invest much time in installing vinyl panels because you do not need any sort of backers and adhesives.

Our panels are very suitable for your commercial walls because Duramax panels have no cervices, the surface is extremely flat so there is no formation of bacteria, no accumulation of mold or fungus or mildew. A busy kitchen needs rigorous cleaning and when you install vinyl panels, you need not worry about cleaning. You do not even need water; a piece of dry cloth is enough to carry out the cleaning process. But if you want to use water, you can clean using a hose so that water forces out and the cleaning is done properly.

When you think of quality, choosing the right company for offering vinyl panels is very important. Therefore choose the manufacturer very carefully, there could be many but only one among them stands as the leader. Duramax is manufacturing pvc panel for wall for more than a decade so we know what is most suitable for your kitchen walls. Our panels are FDA approved and we take pride in declaring that our panels are made in the USA. Our panels are perfect for your walling needs. Choose Duramax as you PVC panel suppliers because it would be a great idea to install PVC panels for your commercial kitchen. Call Duramax now at 323-352-9279 to get a free sample of our vinyl panels.

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