Duramax Installed Car Wash Panels and Revamped an Old Car Wash Garage

car wash wall panels

Walling solution is now a growing business as more and more people living in homes and running their businesses are choosing vinyl panels. Wall paneling are very commonly used in industries that depend on moisture like car washes, grow rooms, commercial kitchens, fisheries and more. As more and more industries are replying on vinyl panels, the very common FRP has taken a backseat. If you compare FRP with PVC panels, the latter has many more advantages and unique qualities.


Today we shall share a story about a car wash garage that was in such a bad condition, we offered vinyl panel solutions and now the garage looks new. A client from Denver came to us after hearing that not FRP but vinyl is the recent trend and works amazing for car garages. His garage walls were chipping off and had a dilapidated look with so much moisture present in the walls. The interior was so suffocating; there was smell of damp and mold because garage is a place. A car wash garage is exposed to water; soap thus the space always remains wet and this result in moisture accumulation and FRP does not have moisture repelling capabilities. This time he is looking for a garage solution that is long lasting inspite of the moisture and dampness. We install high-quality vinyl panels that have smooth surface, do not have backers and require no adhesive. The best part is that he did the installation himself, it’s so easy to install vinyl panels; our products are very much lightweight yet have extreme durability. Now we have installed waterproof vinyl panels and the garage looks awesome, entirely renovated. If your garage is deprived of sufficient daylight, invest in our light reflective car wash panels.  With little bit of daylight entering, it’s actually advantageous because the garage area would remain fresh.

FRP is not cheaper than vinyl and this is why you might choose to invest in it but you have to spend a good amount of money to get repairs done and expensive replacements. Our client happily settled for the vinyl panels and at Duramax we are dedicated to offering the most affordable solutions. Our panels have excellent resistivity; those are even fire-resistant.

So, he was ready to invest a little more for our waterproof, fire-resistant and light-reflective PVC wall panel. We guided him about the installation and only then he understood how simple it’s to self-install a vinyl panel which saves the labor costs. We installed premium anti-mold and light-reflective wall panels which ensured there is no excess moisture to damage the walls anymore and sufficient light gets inside.

He did not have to put many efforts, our panels do not need backer or adhesive and this slashes the labor costs. This is indeed good to prevent dampness and moisture from seeping through. There would be no water damage caused beneath the waterproof surface. Again, our panels have an extremely smooth surface so this lessens the chances of accumulation of bacteria and excessive humidity. It’s very easy to clean our panels, simply wipe over the smooth surface with a cloth.

Now his garage looks as good as new and there is no sign of damp and it’s now been months and the vinyl panels are all so perfect. If you are looking for wall paneling solutions, come to Duramax. Call us and ask for a free sample.