Duramax Trusscore Campaigns Agaisnt Rotten FRP

vinyl panels

Duramax Trusscore has launched a campaign against Rotten FRP to promote vinyl panels as the superior solution. Vinyl panels should be on the minds of installers as a faster and long lasting material for high moisture environments. FRP contractors that have learned about vinyl panels state how they prefer installing vinyl due to how easy it is. Another stated that cutting FRP can be a messy job because chemicals and dust is produced everywhere. Duramax vinyl panels are made of high quality virgin vinyl, and when cut there is no mess.

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Being completely water resistant, vinyl panels are not susceptible to water damage or mold like the wooden backer FRP uses. Vinyl have been used in commercial kitchens, carwashes, indoor growing facilities, food processing buildings, and more. Facility managers are tired of Rotten FRP, bacteria and dirt build up in the crevices and are hard to clean. After a few years, FRP peels due to the weakening of the adhesive. Replacing FRP adds additional costs. Vinyl panels never need replacing, they last a lifetime and are backed by a warranty.

Key advantages for vinyl panels include:

  1. Faster installation
  2. Requiring 1 person to install vinyl vs 2 persons to install FRP
  3. No adhesive or backer needed for vinyl panels
  4. Complete water resistance  
  5. Mold resistant and chemical resistant

The purpose of the campaign is to educate the market on the problems using FRP causes and a better solution to keep in mind. For the past few decades, FRP has been used as a standard with no technological improvement. Vinyl panels are finally the next step in the application of high moisture environments. No more peeling walls, water absorption, expensive repairs, or mold. Get Duramax Trusscore vinyl panels for your next project. Receive a free sample and quote by calling 323-352-9279



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