Duramax Trusscore, the COMPLETE Walling Solution

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When it comes to installing water-resistant walls, there is a lot of planning and steps required. Deciding which material would be the best fit for the environment is crucial, but the installation process is just as important. Mistakes in the installation can make effective material completely useless. Different walling materials have different steps and levels of complication. Generally speaking, the more steps and complication, the higher the chance of mistakes occurring.

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Today we are going to do a deep analysis of 2 different types of walling solutions used in wet environments such as food processing, indoor farming, restaurant kitchens, cannabis grow facilities, carwashes, and more. First is Duramax Trusscore, a new innovative walling solution that offers a complete package. The second is standard Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Panels that have been used over the course of a few decades.  



As shown in the diagram on the left, Duramax Trusscore and FRP panels have different requirements for installation. First, FRP panels are not technically a walling solution, they are just sheets that cover a wall. They require a built backer usually plywood or drywall. This means you need to buy the backer and install it before even starting on installing FRP panels. Duramax Trusscore panels, on the other hand, have a built-in backer that is ½ inch thick and really durable. This is why it is called a complete walling solution.

Trim is applied on the outer edges and panels are mechanically applied to the studs, no substrate needed. FRP panels, on the other hand, requires trim at every seam.

Each panel interlocks with another through a tongue and groove system. The panels are lightweight and can be installed by one person.

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FRP panels are installed in a different manner. An OSB backer is required to be installed as the thin FRP panels are glued onto the backer. FRP panels are sheets that need to be applied directly on the backer in a precise position. Rivets/fasteners are also needed to keep the sheets in place. If installed improperly, the sheets would need to be maintained. Due to the size of FRP sheets and adhesive technique, it is a 2-person job and requires training.


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