Duramax – Vinyl Panels for Walling in High-Moisture Areas

Dairy Wall Panels

Are you concerned about your walls because it’s getting damaged by excessive moisture? PVC panels are a solution to get rid of this because your walls need extra care, you have invested so much in your commercial unit and you cannot afford to spoil the interiors or defame your business. So long, just before vinyl came into the limelight, people were happy installing FRP panels but faced issues like complex installation, frequent repairs, delaminating, callbacks and more. The invention of vinyl panels was probably like a savior and now people have accepted vinyl more than FRP even if it’s initially a bit expensive than FRP. Many understood and many still did not that vinyl is a bit expensive to buy but it saves cost in the long run. But FRP is not expensive to buy but you have to spend money on repairs and replacement in the future.

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Mold can be a serious issue

If you have a dairy room, you are storing tons of mild on a daily basis, it’s a dairy unit and there is so much moisture inside but moisture can give rise to mold growth. This can affect the environment inside and spoil the milk stored and cause food poisoning. Thus, moisture is very harmful not only for your walls but for your business as well. You need to install dairy wall panels to maintain your diary room walls. Now it’s the same if you are running a commercial kitchen, mold can cause bacterial infection and are you not worried about your grow room walls? The cannabis require high amount of moisture to grow healthily but what about the walls? If the walls get infected by mold, the plants would be high affected. In cases like this you cannot think of anything else apart from vinyl wall panels because only PVC has anti-mold properties.  These panels have very smooth surface and this makes the panels very easy to clean. There are no cervices in the panels therefore there is no place for any bacteria or mold can thrive. Duramax panels are resistant to humidity, moisture and mold.

Impact resistant PVC panels

Grow rooms are known to be a zone of high impact and due to this your wall panels could suffer from scratches, dents and marks. But Duramax PVC panels are resistant to impact thus its worth investing in such vinyl panels. When you plan to install walling solutions, durability is one big factor you have in mind because you are investing a big amount and won’t expect it to go in vain. Duramax, there is durability in the name itself. Our panels are extremely tough and long lasting; they do not show signs of delaminating and do not suffer from callbacks unlike FRP. Once you install our panels, you do not have to run after maintenance.


Duramax suggests vinyl walling in industrial units that have high moisture content. We are very much reputed in manufacturing and supplying PVC panels for more than a decade now. Please visit our website, ask for free samples. Get a free quote or sample; call 323-352-9279!


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