Food processing wall panels can offer the right kind of insulation and has various advantages

PVC Panels

A food packaging unit should be clean and hygienic, so it needs a lot of maintenance. How could you make the entire process easier because it is very tedious to maintain the interior daily? It’s a unit where food is packed to be raw, cooked, semi-cooked food inside. 

Also, food is extremely perishable, so if it is not prepared or stored in a healthy environment, it could be prone to bacterial infestation. The smell of food, oil spills, food particles accumulate on the walls and even go up to the ceiling, and the interior becomes sticky and stinky. To keep the interior clean, it’s crucial to cover it with wall panels. 


If you search online, there are various types of wall panels available in the market. But it’s essential to decide which type of panel is suitable for those walls. Moisture plays a big role, and you are probably looking for a waterproof solution. So, out of all panels available, plastic panels have water-resistant and all other qualities. 

Now, there are so many manufacturers in the USA; it is wise to research and ask your known ones about the reputable manufacturer. If you search online, you will discover that Duramax ranks on the top of search engines. This gives you enough courage to refer to our website, search us on social media platforms, and find out what clients have to say about us. Duramax is one of the biggest manufacturers of vinyl panels. It has been 40 years since we started manufacturing and customizing panels for commercial setups. 

If you choose to consult us and ask us about what to install inside your food processing unit, we would suggest installing customized food processing wall panels. Our panels once installed, do not require replacing; it is very long-lasting. The food processing vinyl panels can last very good for almost 40-50 years without delamination or peeling off. 

This is why they do not require any special cleaning or maintenance. You can wash or wipe off the panels occasionally. Also, vinyl panels are very smooth and have a silky surface with no cervices, ensuring that no bacteria survive underneath its surface.  

When talking about food processing, the optimum temperature plays a very big role. This is one very big reason why PVC panels play a crucial role. A properly insulated interior can keep food fresh for a longer time. Duramax has so far supplied wall panels to many food processing or meat packaging units. 

Our panels are white and bright, light-reflective in nature, which means that they can equally distribute the reflected light. So, the light-reflective nature of vinyl panels helps you save on energy bills in the long run. 

How much do you think you can save with Duramax panels? Our website gives you an idea–you can save 50% of the labor charges and 40% of the material costs by investing in Duramax panels. It is time to invest in PVC ceiling panels and walling solutions and feel the difference. 

Get in touch with our team, visit our website for more information. Please call us for a free sample and request a quote.

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