FRP Panels Vs. PVC: The Ultimate Solution for Commercial Kitchen Walling

FRP wall panels

Commercial kitchens are considered amongst the list of areas where the moisture content is incredibly high. Hence, it is essential to ensure the protection and the safeguarding of the walls and ceilings. Also, consumable items that are stored in the kitchen as well. Making a proper selection when it comes to the walling materials for commercial kitchens is of utmost importance. However, choosing the right equipment for walling is something that poses a challenge for the people because there are countless options in the industry to choose from. Every single material has a unique set of features and abilities. FRP panels, for example, are one of the most popular options that people prefer to use. However, then, FRP panels do have some disadvantages such as delaminating, shorter life span, mold growth, and a few others. In such cases, PVC panels from Duramax can be the right choice for the commercial kitchen walls. Get a free quote or sample, call 323-352-9279!


The use of PVC wall panels for commercial kitchens is mostly preferred, and the demand does not seem to curb anytime soon. The attractive qualities of PVC panels such as the mold and bacteria resistance, heat protection for a long time, smooth surface, and durability are some reasons why vinyl is a popular material for the paneling.

Selecting Vinyl Panels Due To Its Benefits

It is true that the industry manufactures different materials that can be used for walling in commercial kitchens. However, finding the perfect replacement for FRP wall panels becomes more comfortable with vinyl panels.

Anti-Mold Properties

One of the most common places where the moisture content tends to be a bit high is the commercial kitchens. This is due to the presence of heat in the environment, also water vapor. Such conditions that are moisture-filled can often lead to the growth of mold in the walls and ceiling surfaces. There is also an additional risk of the poisoning of food due to bacteria and mold growth. This can further create health problems for the people who consume the food. So, to ensure the prevention of mold growth in commercial kitchens, most owners try and use PVC panels instead of FRP.

Prevention Of Bacterial Growth

Another admirable quality that vinyl panels have are that they can be pretty smooth. This also means that vinyl panels are easy to clean and don’t require much effort. When it comes to bacterial growth, vinyl panels have no crevices to aid in the formation of such organisms and hence are bacteria-resistant.

Vinyl Is Extremely Durable

Unlike FRP panels, Vinyl panels do have a longer life span. This is because these panels don’t delaminate after some time and are made with high-quality vinyl as well. Also, vinyl panels are not susceptible to callbacks, and they don’t peel off after some time. Hence, the durability of vinyl panels is a factor to consider.

These are the reasons for choosing vinyl over FRP for commercial kitchens. Replace your FRP wall board with PVC panels from Duramax now. Get a free sample and quote by calling 323-352-9279!



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