Give your car wash garage wall the extra covering – Install car wash wall panels

garage wall panels

Car wash garages are where you wash your vehicle with care. Since it’s an enclosed space, wetness is a significant factor, leading to damp interiors. When there is a lot of moisture inside, it does affect the walls. It’s ideally recommended not to leave your car wash garage walls exposed. 


Wall panels are the most elegant solution to get rid of such issues. We have so many clients reaching us every day for an answer. Duramax recommends installing car wash wall panels and be content with this long-term solution. We have been in the business for 40 years, so we have offered solutions to innumerous clients catering to various types of requirements. 

Our panels are highly used in the industrial sector, mainly in the interiors, where there is a lot of moisture. Investing in PVC panels can be a lifetime solution. Once installed, our panels can last for about 25-30 years without any routine maintenance. It’s always good to invest for once and remain grounded for a lifetime. Duramax has designed FDA compliant wall panels that are ASTM certified and made of highest quality vinyl. PVC panels are 100% waterproof with absolutely no moisture absorption. This is why it is highly used in moisture-prone interiors. This makes our panels free from mold and bacterial growth as well. 

Now there is one thing we would like to discuss with the readers. We get a lot of queries every day, but the most common one being, how PVC is more effective than FRP. We are trying to provide you with maximum information so that you can make informed decisions. So, the FRP panels are plastic, yet they lose their waterproof qualities due to backers’ presence. FRP requires OSB, Drywall, or Plywood backers, which absorb moisture. This settles in between the walls and the panels to damage both due to mold and bacteria formation inside. The wall panels start peeling off, and the walls are also heavily damaged. The expenses keep on increasing because you have to repair the walls and install new panels.  

On the other hand, the most significant advantage of PVC panels is that there are no backers, so no moisture chances are entering the panels and the walls. We request all our customers to look at our website and explore more about the PVC benefits. Our panels are white, it gives a clearer look, and the interior looks bright. Do you even know that you can save energy bills by investing in our panels? Yes, our panels are light-reflective, which ensures there is an equal distribution of reflected light, reducing the electricity bills. All our panels are checked for quality before being distributed to the market. We have so many satisfied clients; you can check their reviews on our website. 

Safety is the primary factor when we manufacture the panels. Our panels are chemical resistant, so you do not have to worry about any soap or car wash spilling on the walls and causing damage. Also, the wall panels have a 1-hour fire grade that prevents sudden fire hazards. Our panels are easy to install and simple to clean.

Duramax is a renowned wall panel supplier in the US. Order now and get in touch with us for a free sample. Book a free personal consultation and get a quote within one day.


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