Good Reasons to Use Free-Standing Modular PVC Wall Panels in Hospitals & Health Care

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It goes without saying that- study; free-standing modular PVC wall panels are quite popularly used for many sectors- be it for residential, commercial, and health care establishments.



Previously, this concept was a myth to most, and unknowingly majority of people considered them to be unsafe with the possibility of falling apart at any given time! However, with the tick of time, the use of free-standing PVC modular walls in the USA aptly fitted using steel or aluminum pipes to create temporary walls and ceilings in numerous commercial, industrial, and health-care facilities became more frequent.

Here in this post, we will discuss the good points of using free-standing modular PVC wall panels for hospitals and health care facilities. So continue reading!

Digging Deeper Into These Ready-to-Assemble Free-Standing Modular PVC Wall Panels:


  • These quality, durable, and light-weight temporary wall panels allow scope for rapid deployment of isolation spaces and temporary rooms- particularly in health care facilities.
  • They are ready-to-assemble, thus allowing cleaner, quicker, and effective temporary wall set-up without debris or dust. Plus, these non-porous, heavy-duty wall hospital wall panels are resistant to heavy impacts and can withstand the most challenging work environments.
  • Every health care wall panel in the USA comes coated with an anti-microbial surface (Microban Aegis Microbe Shield). They easily bond with the surface and make it very inhospitable to bacteria and germs.
  • The modular wall surface also allows different configurations and easily disassembles as per the existing hospital/health care internal space to best suit specific needs. Those different configurations exist in the form of – Single, Double, Triple, Back-to-Back, Open-Sided, and Staggered!

Along with that, these free-standing modular PVC wall panels feature UV stabilizers, which prevent discoloration and cracking. And they are 100% environmentally sustainable and recyclable with the assurance of zero cut-off waste!

Application Of free-standing modular PVC wall panels In Hospitals & Health Care Facilities:

These free-standing modular PVC wall panels are used for the following applications –

  • They can easily be used to create a temporary patient waiting area in hospitals or nursing facilities 
  • Its triple wall, back-to-back or open-sided configurations can be used to create a temporary isolation area for sick and injured patients

Moreover, each of these free-standing modular PVC wall panels comes with assured material safety and adheres to all laid down –impact test ratings, fire ratings, hygienic ratings, and LARR rating!

That’s what makes these modular PVC wall panels perfect for creating temporary walls and ceilings inside hospitals and health care facilities- especially the ones revered to deliver the best patient care in the country!

Final Words:

Now that you are aware of its good points, it is time to pick a service provider known to deliver such durable and contagion resistant hospital wall panels in varying configurations. 

For all your specific hospital wall panel requirements, you must only trust companies like Duramax, who have been associated in this business for years. 



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