Hired to Build a Food Processing Space? Vinyl Panels Are Every Contractor’s Solution

Food processing wall panels

Food processing wall panels are a growing trend among contractors today. In fact, our panels are being used in all kinds of industries that handle food or are susceptible to moisture and bacteria, such as commercial kitchens, schools, fisheries, packaging units, or grow rooms. 

If you’ve been hired as a contractor for a food processing space, you definitely need to use PVC wall panels. Every other choice will come with a set of disadvantages that will make your client unhappy, not to mention damage your reputation and make your job that much harder. 


Wall Solution for Food Processing Spaces

A food processing space is a somewhat heavy-duty zone. All that cooking is messy, and it gets extremely humid. Because of the fumes and oil – not to mention the food spills, splashes, and stains – you simply must go for an easy-to-clean, durable solution.

If you use anything other than wall panels for food industry, the condition of your wall will swiftly take a turn for the worse because of the excessive moisture in the room. If you use FRP panels instead, the walls will be sticky and hard to clean. They’ll start chipping or peeling off and may become the home of mold and bacteria that never goes away.

This isn’t just unhygienic, but it will also cost your customer heavily when inspection time comes. 

Why Our Panels Are Popular Among Contractors

Ever since we started making our waterproof, cost-effective panels precisely for food processing operations, we’ve received immense interest on behalf of business owners and contractors. Even if something else appears to be cheaper at first, the fact that our panels require less time and money for installation and materials stacks the odds in our favor.

To install Duramax panels, you don’t need more than one person. You don’t need backers or adhesives, and you can install them faster than any other option. Food processing rooms require water-resistant walls, which our vinyl panels provide. Thanks to these features, the panels won’t get damaged or look dirty. In fact, you can simply use a high-pressure hose to clean everything right off. 

So, forget about costly and exhausting installations, frequent call-backs, or angry customers. If you’ve been hired to install the walls in a moisture-prone room, the only great solution is vinyl PVC panels.

Thanks to our research in this domain, we’ve created the ultimate, FDA-approved product that will last for years to come. At Duramax, we work on producing the most durable vinyl panels that not only function perfectly, but also look professional and have a seamless structure once installed.

Provide your customers with the solution they expect when they hire you as a contractor. Present them with a smooth, water- and mold-resistant, anti-bacterial, simple-to-clean solution to their constant moisture troubles. They’ll be forever grateful, and your reputation will grow faster than you can imagine. 

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