Install a healthcare wall panel from Duramax – helps in isolation during this pandemic healthcare wall panel

healthcare wall panel

During the global COVID 19 pandemics, isolation is an essential factor. Hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities are most notably working on creating partitions. This is why modular walls are extremely popular. Partitions are very common in medical facilities, but now it has become mandatory in treating COVID affected patients and creating isolation rooms. 

Uses of modular wall panels

If you plan to install a hospital wall panel in the USA, explore the Duramax store for various types of temporary panels. We specialize in manufacturing sanitary wall panels that are mostly used to build temporary hospitals, patient recovery rooms, sleeping pods, medical pods, nurse stations, and other solutions. We manufacture these panels under the brand name ‘Tempwall,’ an easy to install and affordable temporary solution for the clients. 

Layered with Microban Aegis Shield 

Duramax is putting in a lot of effort to supply maximum temporary wall panels during this crisis. Our panels are incredibly hygienic, which reduces the chances of spreading infections. The panels are coated with a protective layer of Microban Aegis Shield. This antimicrobial treatment helps the surface to become unreceptive to germs, bacteria, or viruses. We have a busy team doing continuous research on how we can improve our panels each day. 

Rapid installation of temporary walls

All our panels are made based on the latest and the most advanced technological standards. It is hassle-free to assemble and install our wall panels; therefore, the project is completed even before. So, the medical-facility authorities can focus on other important aspects, which include care and treatment. 

You can use multiple configurations – one of the essential advantages

Multiple configurations are possible with the panels, and there are multipacks to make that possible. These modular wall panels are loaded with UV stabilizers that keep cracking and discoloration away. These panels are recyclable, environment-friendly; therefore, no waste is produced. 

Simple low-maintenance and heavy-duty panels

The panels do not attract a lot of dust and debris. Cleaning is also very simple, and the panels are low-maintenance. We have many satisfied clients; they have expressed their content through reviews. Read to know how satisfied our clients are with our solutions. Duramax hospital wall panels are impact-resistant, heavy-duty, and can withstand all weather conditions. Our panels are just apt for indoor installation and are used in other fields other than medical facilities. 

Non-porous and heavy-duty panels

The panels are non-porous; therefore, it can keep impurities and micro-organisms away. These are free-standing and modular, these are ready-to-be assembled, and this allows rapid deployment. Our temporary partitions can create safe isolation between the COVID- 19 affected patients and those in recovery. 

Hire an experienced contractor 

Create internal spaces with a healthcare wall panel from Duramax. Hire a renowned contractor in your locality for the installation. 

Need modular temporary wall panels? Get in touch with Duramax; call us for a free consultation. Request us for a quote. Our temporary walls are aiding the healthcare sector in curbing the spread of the virus. We pray and hope this pandemic goes away soon.


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