Install Dairy Vinyl Panels from Duramax – It’s time to take care of your dairy parlor

dairy vinyl panels

Do you own a dairy parlor and plan to take care of it in a much better way now? Now that you have realized that the walls and ceiling play a very important role, you need to take extra care of those. It’s time to forget about recurring maintenance expenditures and worries. Wall panels can be the best solution, but all panels are not suitable for damp commercial interiors. So, you need to find a material that can keep the dairy walls and ceiling moisture-free. 



Vinyl panels within your budget:

You can always try installing vinyl panels, a well-known material for installing inside moisture-filled commercial setup. Now you do not need to worry about a dairy room renovation or plan to start a new dairy parlor. Duramax is into manufacturing custom vinyl panels for more than 40 years. We supply dairy vinyl panels especially suitable for dairy interiors. We are always ready to offer a solution within your budget. 

Hygiene is the most important factor in dairy rooms, and the dairy vinyl panels keep the interior dry, the walls in good condition for years. Also, a dairy parlor needs adequate maintenance due to inspections by the government. Dairy products are extremely vulnerable, so any lack of care can cause the products to perish. A damp environment would also give birth to bacteria, mold, and mildew, which is not favorable for dairy animals’ health. 

ASTM certified panels that last for 25-30 years:

Duramax dairy panels are 100% waterproof, affordable, and extremely durable solutions. The panels do not have backers, which is the most important reason why our panels do not attract water vapor keeping the interior in good condition. Our PVC panels can last for a very long time, almost for 25-30 years, without showing any delamination signs. This trait of PVC is what makes it different and a more preferred choice than FRP panels. FRP needs backers, and this is why it loses its water-resistant qualities and absorbs moisture and water vapor. An FRP wallboard shows delamination within a few years of installation. 

Duramax vinyl panels are made in the USA in our factory. We do not compromise quality; the panels are run through a quality check before delivering to the clients. The panels are ASTM certified and are FDA complaints; we only supply certified panels. 

Save more with vinyl panels 

Do you think whether PVC panels would give you savings in the long run? You can save a lot by installing our vinyl panels; you do not need to hire more than one contractor. Hiring more than one contractor would only speed up the process. Also, the panels do not need any expensive maintenance. Our panels are white make the interior bright; also, the panels are light-reflective. The vinyl panels are capable of equally distributing the reflected light. It’s time to discard FRP panels and switch to PVC panels.

We have a huge client base; all are satisfied customers. Visit our website, contact us for a free sample, and request a quote.


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