Install Wall Panels for Your Car Washing Garages from Duramax

PVC wall panels are mostly installed in numerous industrial areas because it’s highly used for several industrial applications. There are varied materials but FRP and vinyl are both widely accepted for some special characteristics. We at Duramax would want our customers to install PVC panels as the advantages are much more when compared to FRP wall boards.


There has been a long debate on which one has a better advantage, but our research has proven that PVC does have an edge over the other. To know more you can continue reading the blog. We would be discussing a bit on wall paneling for car washing garages.

1.    FRP is not moisture-resistant whereas PVC panels are not prone to moistureabsorbing

Moisture has always proven to be a desperado for causing detrimental hazards to the walls. It would be ideal if you can call Duramax and get a car wall panel installed with ease. These panels are capable enough to arrest moisture and keep the walls durable.

The car washing garages always remain filled with water and other liquids. The soaps and hot water that are used extensively is a powerhouse for the retention of moisture. As the areas are mostly enclosed, there are high chances of getting prone to dampness.

2.    PVC is waterproof and tailored for car washing garages

PVC wall panels and PVC ceiling panels are ideally suited in garages as FRP is not waterproof. It has been witnessed that FRP does not last long though FRP costs less. PVC panels are a bit expensive but considering the long term advantages, it is ideal for commercial usages.

3.    FRP comes out very easily and often needs replacement

FRP panels and walling tend to come out very easily. Some customers have even complained that the walling came out just after the passage of a single month. It gives rise to recurring expenses because you have to call a professional for necessary repairs.

Our company has successfully installed PVC wall paneling for a plethora of garages and we are proud of our achievements. Our customers have showered the accolades on us and we have successfully catered the needs and demands with ease.

4.    Duramax: Your complete PVC paneling partner

We at Duramax design special waterproof panels that remain durable and are completely chemical resistant. We have successfully designed white and light-reflective panels as they are ideal for garages in this part of the world.

Remember a garage receives very minimal daylight and thereby the walls are even more prone to damage. We receive a plethora of clients who are using FRP but facing a number of problems. They are now again considering PVC instead of old FRP wall boards

5.    PVC allows the surface to remain smooth and seamless

FRP is not moisture resistant and one needs to install wood backers as support along with adhesive. Moisture seeps in easily and causes peeling and delaminating. There are high chances of mold and bacteria getting accumulated at the base. With PVC the surface becomes smooth and you will not have to use any extra backers. PVC being light in weight can be installed all by yourself if you want.

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