Investing in affordable healthcare wall panels has been a necessity – Choose Duramax for quality panels

healthcare wall panel

Wall partitions are very useful in the medical sector mainly because a lot of cases require isolation. But in 2020, you can imagine how essential isolation is due to this stubborn pandemic. Duramax Tempwall is lucky to have been able to contribute to the healthcare sector by supplying partitions to various nursing homes and hospitals. Since March, hospitals have been looking for efficient and faster ways to set up partitions. Duramax manufactures and designs high-quality temp wall panels. 



Our panels can be installed very quickly; expert contractors can assemble our panels very fast and efficiently. The demand for temporary walls is increasing; our clients have thanked us for installing panels successfully.


No chances of infection with our healthcare panels:

Investing in our healthcare wall panel is worth it; it is extremely light-weight and durable. These panels can also bring down the chances of spreading disease and infection. All our panels are antimicrobial tested and then delivered to the clients. Every healthcare wall panel is coated with a Microban Aegis Shield. It’s an antimicrobial treatment that aids the surface to become unreceptive to viruses, germs, and bacteria. We have an expert team that designs temporary panels adhering to the highest technological standards. Duramax Tempwall has a research and development team that is striving to improve the quality every day. We have received personal calls from many clients who called up to say how useful these partitions are. Our panels are also very easy to install; you do not require any complicated tools or a lot of time. 


Temporary wall panels with UV stabilizers:

Are you planning to invest in a hospital wall panel? Choosing to install temporary walls is a great decision and there are plenty of configurations possible with the help of multipacks. The walls have UV stabilizers that prevent cracks and discoloration. Our panels help in the efficient segregation of internal spaces. These temporary panels can fit as a single unit, double, triple, back to back, open-sided, continuous combination, and more. 


No cleaning and maintenance costs:

Considering our wall panels. Cleaning is hassle-free. Maintenance and cleaning are an integral part of medical and healthcare facilities. Also, COVID wards require heavy maintenance and cleaning. But temp walls do not require any regular cleaning and maintenance. Here, you can save cleaning costs; you do not have to hire a team for cleaning and not spend any extra money on it. A little cleaning can keep the temporary walls new for a lifetime. Sometimes the temporary walls are also used for long-term use. These panels do not attract germs; maintaining our panels is very easy. These temporary wall panels are extremely non-porous; these do not attract debris and dust. Wipe the panels with a dry cloth to keep it clean and tidy. 


The final words:

If you have a project, discuss it with our experts. You can book a free consultation; call us for a free sample. You can visit our store for temporary panels, check our inventory full of new products. During this pandemic, we have supplied many panels to the healthcare sector and have received a lot of appreciation. We are still receiving queries from so many clients related to temporary panels, supplying to many. Please refer to our website for more information. Please request a quote. 



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