It is time to offer some relief to the kitchen walls by installing plastic wall panels for the commercial kitchen

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Are you looking for a solution for sticky kitchen walls? A commercial kitchen wall requires daily maintenance. But you can experience ease by installing vinyl wall panels. 

There are various types of wall panels available in the market. Vinyl is the most popular due to several advantages. It’s a waterproof material that can check the humidity levels inside. Kitchen walls are filled with heat, smoke, oil, grime, and extreme humidity. Emulsion paints do not work well, it chips off and damages the walls. Do not leave the walls uncovered. Installing plastic wall panels for the commercial kitchen would work as a shield against the humidity. It would give a neat look and hygienic feel to your kitchen. 


ASTM-certified vinyl panels – Duramax operating for 40 years

The health and hygiene of the kitchen are of utmost priority. Food cooked inside a fresh kitchen tastes better and is safer to consume. PVC panels are water-resistant. It does not allow any growth of mold and bacteria on the surface. PVC panels have a smooth surface without any harsh grains or cervices. The panels are ASTM and CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant wall panels

Food processing in the USA now relies on vinyl panels for commercial kitchens. Duramax is now one of the most renowned vinyl panel supplying brands in the USA. Duramax has been operating for over 40 years and catering to client requirements. We manufacture panels adhering to the rules and regulations set by international bodies. 

White Duramax vinyl panels 

We manufacture white color vinyl panels which offer a bright and fresh interior. The vinyl panels allow ample reflection of light inside. This is beneficial in keeping your energy bills low each month. So, this is a great option as you can save on your energy bills. 

100% virgin and affordable vinyl panels

Duramax vinyl panels are made of 100% virgin vinyl. These panels require little maintenance. The surface is sleek, does not delaminate, and is scratch-proof. We customize wall panels according to your requirements. Duramax works towards supplying affordable vinyl panels to various commercial sectors. 

Duramax ideal for commercial use

Duramax wall panels are ideal for food safety, being lightweight. The PVC panels are mounted directly on the studs. PVC is tough, impact-resistant, chemical resistant, and the panels have a Class A fire rating. All our panels are quality-tested before it is shipped to your location. 

The vinyl panels are ideal for industrial use, including restaurants, grow rooms, schools, fisheries, schools, agricultural facilities, car washes, and hotels…etc.

PVC panels are exceptionally long-lasting 

PVC panels are expensive initially, but it’s worth investing in a solution that is for the long-term. There is no other option that is as long-lasting as vinyl. The panels can last for many years, and it does not require repairs for 40-45 years. The installation procedure is also very simple and inexpensive. One contractor can install the panels in just a few hours. 

Install Duramax vinyl panels 

Are you planning to invest in vinyl wall panels for your commercial kitchen? Talk to the Duramax experts for a consultation. Save 50% of the labor costs and 40% of the material costs by installing plastic wall panels for commercial kitchen. Buy PVC wall panels from the Duramax store; we cater to your wall paneling requirements. Please visit our website for more information. Ask for a free sample and request a quote.

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