Keep serving fresh food from the freshest kitchen by installing Restaurant wall panels designed by Duramax

restaurant wall panels

Poor hygiene standards have the potential to render a bad reputation for restaurants and food joints. Restaurant wall panels are moisture-free, easy to clean and can meet the highest hygiene standards in the food industry. When you run a restaurant, the walls are the last thing you think of cleaning and by the time you think of the walls, they have already started coming off. 


So, when you open your new restaurant or think of renovating the existing one by replacing the FRP panels that are already peeling off, install Duramax vinyl restaurant wall panels. Our panels are manufactured using the highest quality vinyl which ensures 100% water resistivity, resistivity from mold, no formation of bacteria and our panels have an added benefit of being 1-hour fire-resistant. The surface of our panels is extremely smooth, there is no unevenness therefore it gives no place for bacteria build-up or mold formation. When you are running a restaurant, the food is the most important thing and a lot depends on the kind of kitchen you have. If your kitchen is full of dust, mold, and mildew, there would be chances of food poisoning and that’s going to mar the reputation completely. 

When you install a wall panel, you wish it would be easy to clean and PVC is. Cleaning does not become a part and parcel when you install the PVC wall panels. You can simply wipe with a cloth to ensure the walls are cleaned maybe once in a fortnight or so. 

Duramax restaurant wall panels offer a modern, neutral and professional look and feel. The texture of our panels are rich, it’s durable and is resistant to corrosion. Our panels have maximum lifespan when compared to the fiber-reinforced panel or any other walling material. 

If you already had FRP you know the installation process but if you are a first-time wall paneling solution user, you should know that PVC is easier to install. Any untrained man can install the panels and it would take a few hours to complete the process. In case you have two people involved in the installation; the process would be completed sooner. Comparing PVC with the fiber-reinforced panel, the latter demands a trained professional to do the installation and you have to make payment for the installation charges. 


PVC panels do not need backer, lamination or glue for installation, thus you have to spend no money on materials. Whereas, FRP needs backers (Drywall, OSB or Plywood), face-mounted rivets and adhesive. FRP has chances of rotting because it can still absorb water through the backers and lead to mold formation between the backer and the walls which can lead to peeling off walls and delaminating. Our PVC panels are ½ inches thick which gives no chance of moisture absorption. Thus, Duramax PVC gives 40% less material cost and 50% less labor cost compared to the fiber-reinforced panel.

All our panels are ASTM tested for FDA compliance; our panels are made inside our factory in the USA. Please visit our website for more details, call us for information. You can book a personal consultation and request a quote.