Maintain your car wash garage by installing waterproof garage wall panels from Duramax

waterproof garage wall panels

A vehicle wash garage is loaded with additional dampness, so you need to take care of the interior well. The walls and ceiling need additional consideration to keep dampness and excessive moisture from destroying the insides. There are various types of commercial wall panels available in the market. 


If you reach us for a solution, we highly recommend that you install waterproof garage wall panels. There are different sorts of panels available in the market. However, not all are waterproof or as valuable as vinyl. You have already put a heavy investment in setting up your garage. To ensure the investment lasts long, we highly urge you to cover the walls and ceiling with vinyl wallboards. 

Duramax is the most significant producer of vinyl panels that are ideal for business use. Our boards are 100% water-safe, hence upon installation, your carport would constantly remain dampness-free. We are among the greatest producers of garage wall panels. We have been providing vinyl boards for over 40 years and we rank high across several search engines. We ask our customers to have an online consultation with us. 

Duramax fabricates ASTM ensured and FDA compliant wall panels. The boards are incredibly tough, they are made inside our planet, and this guarantees reasonableness. The boards have a 1-hour fire grade, which implies that the boards can forestall abrupt fire risks for at least 60 minutes. The vinyl panels are likewise chemical safe. Additionally, our plastic panels are white; also, the boards are light-reflective. This implies the panels can convey the mirrored light similarly and cause energy savings. 

When you introduce waterproof vinyl wallboards inside your vehicle wash carport, it implies the space requires low upkeep. You don’t have to wash or clean the boards consistently. The panels are exceptionally smooth; there are no administrations, so the surface is troublesome for bacterial development. 

A car wash garage needs additional cleaning, and you do not need to put your effort and time in everyday cleaning posts installing vinyl wall panels. The boards are inconceivably smooth without any cervices, so bacteria cannot survive underneath its surface. The delicate panels additionally don’t pull in any residue or dirt. 

Quality is the primary factor when choosing your wall panels. All our panels are quality checked to guarantee that superior quality panels arrive at your doorstep. We have countless customers who rely on Duramax. We have insights clear to show you that you can save half of the work expenses and 40% of the material expenses by introducing our quality commercial wall panels. Our panels are easier to install and need one expert contractor to complete the installation process. 

We are among the most renowned wall panel suppliers in the USA. Book a free consultation, request a quote, and ask for a free sample.

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