Need to create a partition? Read to know how you can setup waiting rooms in hospitals

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Care about partitions? The word is synonymous with privacy and utility. You could be an office owner and wish to install demountable walls, a factory owner looking for divider walls, a gym owner who wants to create a private workout area. Also, temporary wall partitions are frequently used in hospitals and nursing homes. 


This blog is a must-read for those who are hurrying to create new waiting rooms in this medical emergency. You have your new healthcare facility, and now you are looking forward to setting up a waiting room? Waiting rooms should be easily accessible but also needs a high amount of maintenance. Thus, it is essential to set up easy-to-clean waiting rooms. Duramax can help you in creating a wall partition. Have you heard of temporary walls? What are they and how can they help? 

We manufacture high-quality, affordable, and easy-to-install modular wall systems with a microban aegis microbe shield to protect the walls from bacteria, mold, mildew, and microbe. This shield crates molecular bonds so that the surface becomes inhospitable to germs. 

Since our temporary walls are heavily used in healthcare facilities, in schools, in sports complexes for a purpose, we ensure that these non-porous walls do not attract germs.  

We manufacture temporary walls that can be assembled and also reconfigured very quickly. The panels are incredibly lightweight, thus faster deployment possible. With our panels, you can easily have isolated spaces and temporary spaces. Waiting rooms should be isolated spaces, and these are temporary most of the time, so using temp walls is ideal. Our panels are famous for being used in hospitals and other medical facilities. The demand was ever-increasing, but recently due to this pandemic, we cannot explain the number of clients looking for temporary walls. 

Your work is more than half done; the panels that reach your site are ready-to-assemble. This is why the time taken to set up is less, and there is no debris or dirt; thus, no extra cleaning needed. The panels are non-porous; therefore, it does not absorb any moisture; the products are sturdy, extremely durable, and not affected by any impact. The temporary walls are manufactured to endure the most challenging weather conditions. 

When you plan to install a room divider wall in the USA, you can choose our panels that allow too many configurations. You have plenty of options, and you can seamlessly segregate your existing space inside to suit your requirements. You can opt for a single standalone barrier; you can combine the panels continuously to have a linear wall or a perpendicular one and more. 

The Duramax temporary wall system is deployed successfully in hospitals, diagnostic centers, shopping malls, airports, office buildings, and other public areas. It’s a fantastic tool for the contractors, paying for drywalls, and throwing those away is expensive; thus, reusable temp walls help. Our temp wall panels are 100% recyclable, with zero-waste production

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