Plastic panels for commercial kitchens keep the interior clean and hygienic

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How are you coping with the moisture and dampness inside your commercial kitchen? A commercial kitchen is a heavy-duty area where cooking goes on for 24 hours. The walls, ceiling, and overall interior are filled with dampness, stickiness, and food smell, which affects the kitchen’s general hygiene. The walls are also affected by oil spills and heat, which results in peeling off. But maintaining a commercial kitchen is of utmost importance. It requires regular inspections and you also have the responsibility of serving healthy food. 



Plastic panels suitable for damp interiors:

If you are desperately looking for a solution, we would say that you can think of covering up the walls with wall panels. Now you would be searching for the best panel as there are so many types in the market. Leaving all others, this time, you can show much interest in the beneficial vinyl panels. All panels are not suitable for damp commercial interiors, whereas plastic panels are specially designed to control any industrial set-up dampness. 

Custom vinyl fencing from Duramax:

Duramax designs vinyl panels that are made from high-quality vinyl, extremely affordable, and durable. We also offer custom vinyl fencing solutions; you share your requirements with us and suggest you the right kind of panels. We recommend installing plastic wall panels for the commercial kitchen. Our panels are not affected by mold, mildew, or bacteria. 

Why should you not opt for FRP? Instead, install Duramax: 

A lot of customers ask us whether FRP panels are suitable for installing in a commercial kitchen? Now the explanation is very simple. FRP panels have backers made of OSB, Drywall, and Plywood, which allows moisture to get inside the walls, and the panels also start delaminating and peeling off. The backers are responsible for damaging the panels and the walls to the extent that you have no choice apart from replacing or indulging in expensive repairs. 

But the vinyl panels do not have backers; this ensures there is no seepage of water vapor and moisture. Duramax vinyl panels have waterproof qualities, and that is the most important thing. 

White and light-reflective wall panels: 

If budget is your concern, vinyl panels are the best choice. You can save money in the long-run by investing one-time in purchasing and installing vinyl panels. Our panels can last for 25-30 years after installation. Duramax PVC panels are white; it makes the interior bright and gives a cleaner look. Also, the vinyl panels are light-reflective. You can save on your energy bills by installing panels that can equally distribute the reflected light. 

Safe to install vinyl panels – ASTM certified:

Our panels are entirely safe to install; the products have a 1-hour fire grade. This ensures the vinyl panels can forbid any fire hazard for up to 1- hour; the panels are also chemical resistant. The panels are ASTM certified and FDA compliant wall panels. 

Here is the Duramax statistics for you: 

If you finally want to know how much you can save, Duramax statistics say you can save 40% of the material and 50% of the labor cost by investing in Duramax panels. Installation is also not expensive; only one trained expert can install the panels, and hiring two would only speed up the process. Also, enjoy installing low-maintenance plastic panels from Duramax. Buy a PVC wall panel from Duramax. 

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