Plastic Wall Panels for Commercial Kitchen from Duramax – A Solution for Your Damaged Kitchen Walls

Use Duramax Waterproof vinyl panels for your commercial kitchen

Commercial kitchen is a heavy duty area, be it the kitchen of a cafeteria, restaurant, office canteen or school canteen. It’s a place where a lot of food is cooked on a regular basis. So, there is ample oil spill, grime, smoke and accumulation of vapor on the walls. Kitchen walls require regular maintenance and moisture can cause harm to the walls if they are not protected with walling. You have FRP installed but still your walls are perishing due to the water vapor? FRP is not a waterproof material so you must install vinyl walling to maintain the hygiene and health of the walls.

If you keep your kitchen walls dirty, there could be accumulation of mold and bacteria which is extremely harmful for the food that is being cooked and stored. A moisture-filled environment is also not favorable for the cooks who stay inside the kitchen for long hours. So, its time to reinstall your kitchen walling and this time you won’t install FRP again but plastic wall panels for commercial kitchen.

At Duramax we have a manufacturing unit and we take utmost care in designing plastic panels that can be installed in commercial kitchens. Our panels are known for durability and sturdiness. We also manufacture panels that are light-reflective, this beneficial for kitchen spaces where there is less sunlight. If you have experience in running a commercial kitchen, you know how much time goes into maintaining the kitchen walls. But when you buy pvc wall panels from Duramax, you do not have to spend time in cleaning at all. Our panels do not need any sort of cleaning or maintenance.

Here are some reasons why you should install PVC wall panels from Duramax:

Duramax is the leader in manufacturing PVC wall panel solutions and it’s been more than a decade that we are offering home improvement solutions including wall paneling.

Our panels help maintain the hygiene

Duramax PVC panels are manufactured with anti-mold technology so there are no chances of moisture accumulation on your walls once you install these. This keeps the kitchen space free from mold and bacteria. Our surface is very smooth, so you do not have to clean at all. Our panels do not need backers and adhesives; this is why your walls won’t soak up any kind of moisture.

Our panels are water resistant

PVC wall panels are very popular for being extremely water-resistant so it’s most useful in your commercial kitchen. There is water spillage, oil spill and fumes that settle on the walls, but you can be rest assured that these won’t harm your walls when you have PVC panels from Duramax installed.

Ask Duramax for a free sample. When you see our products first-hand, it’s easier for you to take informed decisions.

Fire resistivity of our panels

Duramax panels are resistant to fire and this is a very unique characteristic of our vinyl panels. Due to this, it’s very much apt for installing in commercial kitchens. The kitchen is the place of fire and moreover there are so many other appliances that you use in the kitchen. It is safe to install our wall panels and remain extra safe. When you walls are fire resistant, it does not allow fire to spread the whole area.

So, are you convinced about installing PVC wall panels by replacing those old FRP boards? Get in touch with us, have a consultation with us. Ask us for a free sample.

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