Richard installed car wash wall panels to protect his garage walls from dampness

car wash wall panels

Do you have a new car wash garage, and the walls are bare? Did you not plan to protect the walls from dampness? We will share the story of Richard, who came to us for a solution after noticing spots of damp and the walls of his not-very-old car garage getting damaged. Duramax is in this business for more than 40 years; we have seen and catered to uncountable clients. We suggest choosing a proper wall panel so that you do not have to spend a hefty amount on repairing the interior.


Our PVC panels are avidly used in the commercial sector, mainly in industries that emit moisture inside or have a moisture-filled environment. It’s wise to spend a little money and get sorted for a lifetime. Do you wonder why we call it a lifetime? PVC panels are extremely long-lasting and can last for almost 25 – 30 years without any maintenance, repairs, or replacement. We suggested Richard choose our specially designed car wash wall panels that are of top quality and affordable. Our panels are incredibly durable and made of high-quality vinyl. PVC panels are completely waterproof; this makes it ideal for use in moisture-filled areas. It can help you get rid of the dampness because these panels have no backers, thus zero moisture absorption. 

Like Richard, if you too thought once of installing FRP panels, we would suggest you not choose FRP if moisture is a significant concern. The purpose of installing wall panels is to arrest moisture absorption and keep the walls dry. But FRP has backers made of (OSB, Drywall, or Plywood), which attracts moisture and water vapor. It leads to seepage and accumulation between the walls and the panels. There is a formation of mold and bacteria, which damages both the walls and the panels. This leads to a higher expense because you need to shell out a lot of money to repair the walls and install a new wall panel. 

Richard was aware of a few PVC benefits because he visited our website and gathered some information about vinyl panels. He was looking for a durable and long-lasting solution. Thus, vinyl; panels would be the ideal. All our panels are ASTM certified and are FDA compliant wall panels. We also ensure a quality check before the panels are supplied to the market. You can read our client reviews and testimonials to know more about the quality of the panels we supply. Our panels are 100% water-resistant, very safe to use because it has a 1-hour fire grade, which prevents any sudden ire hazard from affecting your setup. If any car wash fluid or chemicals spill on the walls covered with our panels, you need not worry because they are chemical-resistant. We boast that our products are made in the USA, affordability is a crucial factor. 

We also told Richard that he could save his energy bills by installing PVC panels. Our panels are white, looks brighter, they are also light-reflective. This helps in lowering the energy bills because the panels are capable of evenly distributing reflected light. 

It is very easy to install our panels; only one contractor is sufficient for a quick installation. Our panels are also easy to clean due to the smooth surface, which does not allow bacteria to thrive. As a reliable wall panel supplier, we say that clients could save 50% of the labor cost and 40% of the material cost by installing PVC wall panels.

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