Richard installed vinyl panels in his hydroponics farming facility – Even you can invest now

PVC wall

Richard has now started his hydroponics farming facility, and now he is focusing on doing the entire interiors. This also means that he does not want to leave the walls bare instead of looking forward to installing wall panels.


He spoke to a few friends and colleagues to discuss the ideal material for this indoor facility. In the process, he realized that there were a few who were not happy with the FRP panels; they wanted to install vinyl. This did strike his mind, and he wanted to research the internet to find out about both the types of wall panels. He also spent time visiting the Duramax website. Finally, he shared all these with us as we called him for a consultation to clear his confusion. Richard wanted to install vinyl wall panels like everyone else but also wanted to have a clear idea. 

So, if you have the same kind of confusion in mind, keep reading to know. FRP is not suitable for moisture-filled interiors because it has backers (OSB, Drywall, or Plywood) that attract all the accumulated moisture. The dampness damages the panels and goes deep into the walls to cause further damage. This would give rise to mold and bacteria formation only to damage the walls, the panels, and the crops. 

Now, how do PVC panels absorb moisture? These do not have backers, so there are no chances of moisture getting into the panels. The walls remain in good condition for years, and the panels can last for 25-30 years with full moisture-absorption capacity.

Duramax sees the rising demand for wall paneling in hydroponics farming. It’s a modern farming method indoors when the outdoor weather is not very favorable, which also includes water issues and soil conditions. The interior has the right amount of moisture, but this should not harm the walls or hinder plants’ growth. 

Our panels are 100% waterproof and we offer high-quality vinyl panels that are affordable. We offer certified products that are ASTM certified to ensure the panels reach FDA requirements. We shared images with Richard of other clients who have successfully installed vinyl panels for grow rooms, commercial kitchens, food facilities, fisheries, hospitals, shower walls, etc. All our panels are checked for quality before the panels are delivered to the market. We have ensured that the panels can forbid any fire hazard; they have a 1-hour fire grade. The vinyl panels are chemical-resistant, the panels won’t get damaged if it comes in contact with chemical agents like fertilizers, nutrients and plant medicines. 

We also told Richard that our panels are white, which gives a very clear look. You can also save on energy bills by installing our panels because our panels can equally distribute the reflected light. 

Do you have a project in mind? Are the walls severely affected by damp? Invest in affordable and premium quality PVC wall panels. Our panels are easy to clean; the smooth surface does not allow any bacteria to thrive, also inexpensive to install. Visit our website and get a free personal consultation. Request for a quote, get a free sample.


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