Take care of your grow room interior by installing grow room vinyl panels

Grow room walls

Do you intend to set up your own indoor grow room and plan to revamp its interior? Grow rooms have a ton of dampness collecting inside them, which is viewed as gainful for the medicinal plants. First, you need to comprehend that dampness that is useful for the plants isn’t appropriate for the walls and ceiling. 


The walls inside get damp and delaminate; this gives the parasite and microorganisms a chance to grow. This causes the walls to get damaged, and mold growth can be detrimental to its growth. Here, installing grow room vinyl panels makes sense, playing a major role. 

Many may recommend FRP, yet these have certain downsides. Water-resistivity is the principle issue; FRP draws in water through its backers. The dampness gets into the panels routinely, making the boards wear out and prompting harmed walls. FRP Is not the correct decision for businesses that rely upon dampness. This is the reason vinyl is being utilized to an ever-increasing extent, FRP losing its prevalence. Vinyl panels do not have backers, ensuring that the panels do not attract moisture or dampness. Upon installing vinyl panels, the walls inside are protected and remain in excellent condition for many years. 

When you go to the market for wall panels, you see various materials, the most widely recognized ones being FRP and PVC. Duramax produces, supplies top-notch vinyl boards for business use. We additionally propose introducing just vinyl boards for the grow room walls, and there are purposes behind it.

Our panels are free from bacterial development. Duramax PVC panels are light-weight in nature; the panels are fire-safe and have a 1-hour fire grade; this keeps away any fire hazards. You can trust Duramax when it comes to investing in vinyl panels. All our panels are tested for quality via an automated system so that all quality panels reach your doorstep. The panels are ASTM certified and FDA compliant. When you cover your grow room walls with vinyl panels, the medicinal plants grow well. 

Light is essential for medicinal plants, and here PVC panels play a significant role. With Duramax vinyl panels, you can save on energy bills in the long run. Duramax panels are light-reflective; the panels equally circulate the mirrored light. This helps in cutting down your energy bills. The panels are white, making the interior bright and perfect. 

Vinyl boards are water-safe, so the sogginess doesn’t influence the boards and the walls. After introducing vinyl boards, you can be guaranteed for a lifetime; a vinyl panel can keep going for very nearly 35-40 years with no serious maintenance.  

Vinyl panels for grow room walls are easy to install and low on maintenance. Cleaning is a chore, but not when you install vinyl panels. Vinyl panels are easy to clean and simpler to maintain; wash off with water and a light detergent to keep the panels clean. 

Get in touch with Duramax if you wish to install vinyl panels. Call us for more details and request a quote. 


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