The Cannabis Industry is Helping all Kinds of Businesses with New Stream of Prospects


As the legalization of Cannabis spreads across United States, many businesses are experiencing a rush of traffic from an unexpected source. The adaptation of this cash crop has surged communities with an economic boom. Thousands of cultivation facilities, extraction labs, and dispensaries have opened across Colorado, Ohio, Oregon, California, and many other states. These new ventures have given huge demand for existing skills, new uses for existing products, and repurposed a lot of commercial real estate.

With medical users growing larger and larger as a consumer base, medical cannabis has become a larger focus to regulation. The medical users that have lower auto-immune systems rely on their supply of cannabis to be clean and safe. The rise of demand for pesticide testing has skyrocketed, leaving pesticide testers overwhelmed with work. Medical use has raised the standards of growing marijuana across the country and many codes and regulations follow.

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Facility managers and building owners have been able to lease their warehouses and commercial buildings that haven’t been in use for years. Commercial warehouses are being  retrofitted and repurposed for grow facilities and extraction labs in every legal state. Following this wave are new specific building safety codes and regulations that involve fire grade testing and sanitation standards.

Following the Cannabis specific codes and regulations, existing products have found new uses for the thriving industry. A new trend of using PVC wall panels to construct the commercial cannabis facilities has been happening in California due to its short installation timeframe and ease of cleanliness attributes. These PVC panels have been manufactured to follow specific fire grade levels and hygienic FDA standards in other industries for many years. Duramax Building Projects is a distributor of PVC wall panels that have been used in car washes, restaurants, food processing plants, and more. They have found a new use for their product through the Cannabis Industry.


Overall the legalization of Cannabis has generated a big social impact to the communities around. As the consumer demand evolves, the cannabis industry adapts and provides new opportunity to existing skills and businesses today. Cannabis may enter the retail industry by 2019 and stimulate consumer-based economy even further.

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