The importance of Duramax Tempwall wall partition systems


Do you have only one room to work in and you have more workforce? Instead of hiring a new workspace, which is pretty expensive, you can always add a wall partition. A divider wall can help to utilize space better, making it suitable for multipurpose tasks. Duramax Tempwall is a temporary solution in that you can take the walls on and off as per your convenience. 



Lightweight divider panels:

Our divider walls are incredibly lightweight, which helps in easy movement, assembling, and taking off. Also, it’s possible to install the walls without the help of any contractor. Duramax has a huge client base; we have so many good reviews of satisfied clients benefitted from our solution. Our temporary walls are extremely durable; once installed, you do not have to think of replacing or reinstalling. 

Protective Microban Aegis Shield covering:

Our panels are widely used across all sectors, and this year, we have made a massive contribution to the healthcare sector. We have supplied too many partition walls to hospitals due to COVID emergencies. The panels are coated with a super layer of the protective Microban Aegis Shield. It is an antimicrobial layer that helps the surface to become non-responsive to bacteria. We have a team of trained experts working towards improving the panels; the team improvises various technological developments to ensure the panels are suitable for everyday use. 

Free-standing and modular panels:

The panels are widely used in healthcare facilities, mainly in creating separate cubicles in treating patients. Our panels help in preventing contamination and lower the chances of infection. Also, the panels are non-porous and heavy-duty, very much capable of keeping away microorganisms and other impurities. The panels are free-standing and modular, and can be assembled immediately without any prior preparations. This ensures faster deployment and secure isolation spaces. 

Multiple configurations possible:

Contractors find it hassle-free and simpler to work with Duramax Tempwalls. Our clients belonging from various sectors have offered fantastic reviews and shared images of the installation. These temporary wall panels do not attract any dirt and debris. The panels are low-maintenance and easy to clean. The panels are impact-resistant and can bear all weather conditions. Also, multiple configurations are possible; the multipacks allow the configurations. The wall panels have UV stabilizers; this prevents cracks and discoloration. 

The advantages of Duramax Tempwalls:

So, here is taking a closer look at the benefits of Duramax Tempwalls:

  • The material is strong and easy to install.
  • The panels are free from mold and bacteria.
  • The surface is so shiny that it reflects light; this keeps the interior illuminated. 
  • The surface is smooth and more comfortable to clean.
  • The walls are water-resistant and waterproof at the same time. 
  • The temporary walls are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.
  • The panels have UV stabilizers and prevent discoloration. 


No regular maintenance needed:

The tempwalls can keep the interior dry and humid-free so that no damage occurs due to rain and snow. Our tempwalls do not require regular cleaning and manual maintenance. The surface is smooth, so it does not attract a lot of impurities. Our solution can help you improve the look of your interior. 

Are you planning to install a room divider wall in the USA? You can rely on the Duramax Tempwall. Please get in touch with our experts and get a free consultation. Please discuss your project with us and request a quote. 



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