Tim got rid of his old FRP wall panels and installed a new vinyl panel from Duramax

Vinyl Panels

Statistics say you can save 50% of the labor charges and 40% of the material costs. Tim noticed this while he was going through the Duramax website. He did some more online research, and he immediately called our experts. The first thing he mentioned was about affordability, and he was so excited to know that PVC panels are a lifetime solution. So, this time Tim wanted to take off the old FRP panels that were almost damaged and install new vinyl panels on the grow room walls. 


He did ask us why his FRP panels did not last long inspite of being made of reinforced plastic. Like Tim, a lot of clients ask us similar questions, and we have a concrete answer to this. Did you notice that FRP panels are installed with backers made of OSB, Drywall, or Plywood? The backers act as a villain when it comes to moisture absorption. The backers allow moisture to seep inside and run deep into the walls causing enough damage to the wall panels as well. A daily accumulation of moisture results in mold and mildew, which is favorable for bacterial growth. All of these together are enough to destroy the walls and the panels. Thus, you are left with no choice apart from reinstalling a wall panel and repairing the walls. Don’t you think the expense is huge? Tim has come to us with the same issue today, and there are so many more who approach us every day. 

Now, it’s always a better idea to spend only once and be sorted for at least 25-30 years. Our panels do not have backers that ensure that no water vapor or moisture would enter the walls; the wall panels act as a barrier. This keeps your cannabis grow room walls dry and in good condition for years. Our panels are made of high-quality vinyl, which is entirely water-resistant, thus free from mold and bacteria. Remember, a grow room interior is humid, and this condition gives healthy plant growth. 

The safety of our panels, we were assured that our panels are light-weight and very safe because of its chemical resistance, thus would be affected if any fertilizer or plant nutrient sticks to the walls by any chance. Also, the panels offer a 1-hour fire grade, which forbids sudden fire accidents. Quality is our primary concern, till now, we have no customer who complained of poor quality. Instead, our panels are ASTM certified and FDA compliant. All our panels are tested for quality before they are delivered to the market. 

Our panels are insulated to offer the right kind of temperature to the medicinal plants. Now, light plays an essential role while growing plants inside a grow room. Our panels are light-reflective, which means it can evenly distribute the reflected light, which could lower your energy bills. We manufacture white color panels; it looks bright and clean. 

Plastic Wall Panels are very inexpensive and easy to install; also, the cleaning process is simple. No routine cleaning is needed, wipe with a cloth or wash gently. If you too desire to install a wall panel, get in touch with Duramax. Call us for more information, request a quote.


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