Tired of moisture in your car wash? Install waterproof and easy to maintain garage wall panels from Duramax

car wash wall panels

If you already have a car wash garage that does not have the walls covered, you probably know the issues related to it. Too much moisture leads to a damp interior and finally damages. If you can control the dampness, you cannot do it without investing in wall panels. There is water: car wash fluid, cleanser, petrol, and buildups. There are various sorts of wall panels made from different materials. Wall panels inside a moist interior are futile if it does not have waterproof qualities. In this case, you can consider installing Duramax vinyl garage wall panels. 


High-quality vinyl panels:

Duramax ranks top on search engines because we have gained credibility over the past forty years by designing high-quality panels. Our panels are waterproof. It does not attract any mold, mildew, or bacteria. We understand that a car wash garage is a lot of investment, installing vinyl panels would be worth it. When you invest once in installing car wash wall panels, you do not have to think of reinvestment or repairs. Duramax PVC panels are essential for commercial use. Our panels are used across various industries. Now we are among the most popular vinyl panel manufacturers in the USA.

Certified garage wall  panels:

Duramax garage wall panels are made from the best quality virgin vinyl. We have an expert team that offers customized services. Now, you do not have to stress if you see your garage in poor condition. Duramax car wash wall panels are ASTM certified and FDA compliant. All our items are checked for quality before they are shipped to the clients. We have a team for quality control; they ensure that all the panels are checked via an automated system. The panels are extremely affordable as it is made in the USA. The PVC panels have a 1-hour fire grade. This can save any fire hazard; also, the panels are chemical resistant. 

Simple cleaning and maintenance:

Our plastic panels are very smooth. The surface does not attract much dirt or debris. The surface of the panels does not let bacteria thrive on it. The panels are also simple to clean and do not even take more than 5 minutes to do the maintenance. PVC panels do not require regular maintenance at all. Occasional cleaning with water and cleanser is good. Also, installing the panels is very easy. Only one contractor is sufficient for the installation. If two people are doing the installation, it only speeds up the process. The panels are easy to install, they do not have backers and are attached directly to the studs. Due to the absence of backers, the panels do not attract any moisture, preventing the walls from getting damaged. 

Long-lasting wall panels: 

Our panels are white; the interior looks clean and bright, and light-reflective. Duramax vinyl panels can equally distribute the reflected light. This helps to save energy bills in the long-term. 

Duramax panels can last for 40-45 years without getting damaged. 

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