Uninstalling old FRP panels, Gracy finally installed car wash wall panels in her garage

Gracy has her car wash garage, and recently, she notices that the walls are peeling off, the FRP Panels that are installed has started delaminating. She knew that she had to take off those FRP panels and reinstall a new wall panel again. But this time, Gracy chose car wash wall panels. She searched the internet for PVC panel manufacturers and got connected to Duramax. Before she called our team, she took a tour of the website, read about our product, the testimonials, and knowing that we are into this business for many years; she turned to us for a feasible solution. 


She was worried that her FRP panel has delaminated so we explained to her further, saying that these FRP cannot withstand a moisture-filled environment. Many install FRP panels, but it soaks in moisture and humidity, which gets accumulated in between the panels and walls; there is mold formation. The mold and bacteria gradually damage the wall to a great extent, and one day, the panels come off, and the dampness on the wall is visible. She became aware that not installing vinyl panels would mean a recurring expense, and she also has to repair the wall time and again. We request customers that in cases like these install PVC, which is a one-time solution, invest, and you can relax for twenty to thirty years without caring about maintenance. 

Gracy understood that since a car wash garage remains wet most of the time, the only solution was to install water-resistant PVC panels. These panels are mold and bacteria resistant as well. Safety is a significant concern; we were informed that the panels have a 1-hour fire grade; the panels do not catch fire immediately, so this could keep any immediate fire accident away. Duramax offers quality products, all our panels are FDA compliant, and ASTM certified to ensure compliance. All our products are made in the USA and checked for quality before it’s delivered to the market. 

Now we also advised Gracy that she could install these white, light-reflective panels and lower her electricity bill. She immediately agreed to it. Who does not want to save on energy bills? The panels are capable of evenly distributing the reflected light. When you compare the lifespan of PVC with other types of wall panels, the former has the most extended lifespan among all. 

During the consultation, we also told the client that cleaning is not a hassle and a regular activity after you install Duramax garage wall panels. Every batch of the panel is very easy to clean; there is no need for any regular maintenance. Gracy shared with us that FRP panels have a rough surface, and she faced difficulty in cleaning those. But our experts said that PVC panels have a smooth surface; there are no cervices for hidden bacteria to thrive.

She shared her FRP installation experience; it was a tedious process and a bit expensive, but the panels did not last long. But our waterproof garage wall panels are effortless to install. Statics say that customers could save 50% of the labor cost and 40% of the material cost by installing vinyl wall panels.

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