Use Duramax PVC wall panels instead FRP in your grow rooms – grow your plants inside

Grow room wall panels

Like all other plants cannabis plants need light to create energy. Light is ideal for the growth of the plant and thereby the white reflective interlocking PVC panel from Duramax is ideal. The panels evenly distribute the reflected light so that your grow rooms do not remain dark. This reflection from the PVC panels will allow the plant to use artificial light and make the buds grow rapidly. Here you are not only allowing your plants to yield in a durable ambiance but the electricity consumption is also decreasing.


Outright advantages of PVC is more as compared to FRP:

In the past individuals were more in favor of using FRP wallboards. These panels were a bit low in cost as compared to PVC, but weighing the pros and cons, FRP has taken a backseat. We come across majority customers who are in favor of eliminating FRP and adopting PVC panels.

Grow rooms do have a high moisture content as it’s considered good for the growth of these medicinal plants. But how would you prevent moisture from damaging the walls? FRP panels do not arrest moisture, it attracts through the backers causing moisture to get accumulated in the panels which in turn causes mold formation. Mold can be very hazardous to these medicinal plants, you need to install a waterproof wall paneling. Installing Duramax PVC panels can keep your walls completely dry, free from moisture.

Duramax panels are antibacterial, anti-mold and highly water-resistant and these qualities make PVC panels ideal for growing rooms.  All vinyl panels are extremely durable and made of high quality vinyl.

The panels are also ideal for grow rooms because the surface of Duramax panels are very smooth, there are no cervices for accumulation of bacteria. Vinyl panels when installed can maintain high sanitary standards inside the industry premises. The panels do not require any strict maintenance, does not need any routine cleaning, this cuts off labor expenses and time. Comparing PVC to all other types of wall paneling, the former has the longest lifespan.

All PVC panels are manufactured maintaining the industry standards, the panels are ASTM tested for FDA compliance. Duramax vinyl panels also have a 1- hour fire grade which ensures that any fire hazard can be managed.

 Now, comparing the FRP cost to that of PVC, the former is a little lower in cost but if you consider the overall expenses including the installation and the maintenance, PVC tends to be a little affordable in the long run. Anyway, PVC and FRP do not have any huge difference in terms of pricing.

The vinyl panels are very easy to install and is better than FRP because PVC do not need backers, adhesives, lamination or any other materials for installation. Only one professional is enough to install our panels and if two people are doing the task, it simply gets faster. Post installation, vinyl won’t delaminate or even won’t absorb water but FRP starts peeling off within a few months of installation. The surface of FRP is also very rough and difficult to clean. Comparing, FRP to that of PVC, the former has double the labor requirements and material cost.

If you are still wondering what to choose between FRP wall boards and PVC, just go come up to us and we would transparently explain the advantages of PVC. Our professionals try and put the best foot forward as and when being required for manufacturing durable panels with ease.



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