Use Duramax Waterproof Vinyl Panels for Your Commercial Kitchen

Vinyl panels are now being used across all types of industries including garages, commercial kitchens, food processing, fisheries, schools, public bathrooms, warehouses, packaging units, grow rooms and more. It’s a replacement for so many types of building materials like steel, wood and FRP.


Did you use wall panels in your commercial kitchen space? Your commercial space is a heavy duty zone where there is continuous cooking going on; there is so much oil and fumes that’s being emitted on a daily basis. Even if you have a chimney, the kitchen walls have a tremendous bad condition due to excessive moisture inside. The walls become sticky; the paint chips off, attracts lot of dirt and in all the space looks extremely unhygienic. A lot of people install FRP panels before vinyl was invented and gained popularity. But FRP does not have waterproof quality, hence it attracts moisture and the paneling perishes very fast and your investment looks worthless. Your kitchen walls demand something more; install waterproof vinyl panels from Duramax.

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Now you might be thinking why Duramax? Yes, we are researching and manufacturing panels for more than a decade. We have rich experience in this domain and can suggest the ideal solution. Al our panels are manufactured in the U.S, they are FDA approved and we offer a lifetime warranty on our products. At Duramax we manufacture durable vinyl panels, they are mainly water –resistant and light reflective. At Duramax, our specialty is the Trusscore PVC panels for paneling. Now take a look at the reason why you can invest in Duramax panels:

Lightweight and light reflective

Our PVC panels are not very heavy but it’s extremely durable, our panels have toughness so you can call it long-lasting vinyl panels. Our panels not only add strength but are also light-reflective; it’s good for places that need natural light to some extent.

Easy installation

Our PVC panels are very easy to install, you can install it by yourself or might need just a friend to help you out. You do not need any backers or adhesives; you can install it just by using screws. Our panels have interlocking systems that allows the installer to screw just one side; the other side just smoothly interlocks with the panel. If you compare FRP installation with vinyl panels, FRP takes more labor and this increases the installation cost.

Water and fire resistivity

Duramax manufactures waterproof vinyl panels and this is why your walls remain protected even where there is high moisture content. The waterproof quality is now one of the most important characteristics customers are looking for. Our panels are also fire resistant; it has 1 hour Class A fire rating. PVC contains chlorine and this is why this material does not burn like any other plastic.

Minimal maintenance

Vinyl panels require no almost zero maintenance, you can wipe with a cloth to keep the panels clean. The panels are water resistant therefore you can also use a power hose to wash away the dirt and grime. You need no money or excess time in maintaining the panels.

Long –lasting and can be recycled

Our panels are extremely long lasting and this is why it’s worth investing in our panels. You do not have to spend frequently on repairs and replacements. PVC is also not harsh for the environment, its completely recyclable which means lesser carbon footprint.

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