Use Plastic Wall Panels for Commercial Kitchen if You Wish to Revamp Your Kitchen Space Like Melisa’s

Walling is a very essential solution mainly for industries that deal with a lot of moisture. Where there is moisture, it’s highly difficult to maintain the walls, ceilings and the overall interior. There are so many types of walling materials, people have used FRP but now vinyl is the latest trend.


Just a few weeks ago we had a client in our office; Melisa runs her own small restaurant so she has a commercial kitchen that’s practically heavy duty. Now, she had installed FRP and is now not happy with the results, the walling is chipping off, it has stained and is full of damp. It’s practically a re-investment overall but she was ready to revamp her entire kitchen with Duramax plastic wall panels for commercial kitchen.

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We went and took and look of her kitchen walls, it was dark with fumes, moisture, stains and the biggest blunder is that FRP does not possess waterproof quality, so her walls were heavily damaged. A damp kitchen attracts mold and bacteria which can cause food poisoning. She is very particular about her business, about the quality of food she is serving and she also takes care of the chefs and laborers working in the kitchen. Whenever you are looking for a vinyl solution for your commercial kitchen, trust Duramax.

She was amused to find out that our panels are completely waterproof with no water seepage, it’s easy to install even can be managed by a single person. The biggest advantage is that there is no need for any adhesive and backer. She is an enthusiastic lady therefore she had much interest in DIY. But, we also have an efficient team to install affordable vinyl wall paneling.

Our panels are not only waterproof; they are extremely durable and have light-reflective quality. Her kitchen has lights for sure but not much daylight could enter but after we installed our light-reflective panels, her kitchen is filled with natural light therefore this reduces the overall electricity consumption. Similarly, if your kitchen sits in the dark, do not worry when you can install Duramax PVC panels. When enough sunlight enters, the cooking space remains fresh, dries up quickly and overall looks good and feels great.

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FRP or any other wall paneling solution is not a long term investment but vinyl is. Melisa is now more than happy to run her kitchen and the busy person she is, she was already looking for a low-, maintenance solution. Now, she has to say that her panels require no maintenance at all. Yes, vinyl needs least maintenance, simply wipe with a dry cloth or if you want you can pour and wash with water. Our panels have the capability to absorb excess moisture yet the material remains fresh, this is how our panels are manufactured. Installing the panels herself she saved the labor changes, you can even do the same by investing in our product.  Another impressive thing is that our panels are highly suitable for commercial kitchens because of the 1-hour fire grade shield. The surface of our panels are very smooth, it can hardly attract any dirt or moisture, easy to clean even.

If you are thinking the same, it’s time to ditch the old FRP panels and invest in Duramax vinyl panels.