Waterproof your Boathouse with Vinyl Wall and Ceiling Panels

Vinyl Wall and Ceiling Panels

When building the interior of your boathouse, the focus remains on keeping any moisture from being absorbed by the walls and preventing any mold from forming. Vinyl wall panels are a good choice for boat houses because they were designed to be completely water resistant and not require any wooden backers. In applications like boat houses which are so close to the water, it’s important to ensure moisture in the air doesn’t affect the building structure. This article will talk about the benefits of choosing vinyl wall panels to line up the interior walls of a boathouse. 


Water Resistance

Vinyl wall panels are ½ inch thick and made of 100% vinyl. This means that there is no way the panels can absorb water, warp, or mold. Most building materials like FRP wall panels, tile, or other sheathing require a wooden backer to apply adhesive on. The sheathing itself is water resistant but the wooden backer is vulnerable.


Along with being ½ inch thick provides vinyl wall panels the ability to screw directly onto the studs without extra material. The vinyl wall panels are durable enough to have a class A fire rating and pass LA county building and safety codes. Also the interlocking technology of vinyl wall panels allow for each panel to link their female and male sides without any fasteners. These two benefits make installation of vinyl panels one of the fastest building materials you can use.

Luxurious Aesthetic

One extra bonus that vinyl wall panels provide is the amazing seamless light-reflective look that it provides to the walls and ceilings. This is a unique characteristic for a material that is as affordable as vinyl wall panels. The functional aspects of light reflectiveness acts as an option to brighten the rooms as well.

Overall, the boathouse is a building that is located closer to the water and needs additional awareness on things like moisture and humidity. Proper material that is water resistant should be used to build the interior. There are many different solutions, but vinyl wall panels is a solution that is long-term, effective, and saves cost in the long run. Get any questions answered and receive a free quote by calling 323-352-9279 today!


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