What Makes PVC Panels Perfect for Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms

Waterproof Wall Panels
Though cleanrooms were conceived not before 1960, they have quickly become a standard feature in most manufacturing and scientific research processes. As an enclosed space designed to keep pollutants — be it dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, or chemical vapors — within control, a cleanroom needs to be built with various specifications and industry standards in mind. What Type of Walls are Ideal for Cleanrooms? When it comes to designing cleanrooms for the pharmaceutical industry, there are further considerations aimed at reducing contamination. These mainly ensure that cleanrooms are constructed in a way that allows for easy clean up and disinfection. As such, the ideal wall finish for pharmaceutical cleanrooms must have: 1. Smooth, even and non-shedding surface. 2. No uncleanable cracks and crevices. 3. An internal surface that’s impact resistant. 4. Top coating that’s impermeable to detergents and disinfectants. 5. Provision for electrical sockets to be covered. 6. Minimal joints, ledges, and corners. PVC wall panel meets all of these requirements and even beats other options while doing so. PVC Wall Panels Make the Cut! A pharmaceutical manufacturer recently tested several different wall finishes — including stainless steel wainscoting, epoxy painted concrete masonry unit (CMU), and fiber reinforced panels (FRP) — in their cleanrooms, of which our PVC panels emerged a clear winner. While the stainless steel wainscoting offered a smooth surface, it was susceptible to denting from impact. Epoxy painted CMU scored well in durability but there was high maintenance cost involved as these walls require periodic repainting. FRP, though a decent option, involves OSB or drywall backing, which increases material and installation costs. Plus, it’s not 100% free from moisture, which makes it less ideal for high humidity cleanroom applications. Besides a perfectly seamless finish, Trusscore PVC panels demonstrated excellent durability, high resistance against impact, and by far, the best protection from moisture. PVC wall system was easiest to clean and was able to withstand the heavy-duty wash down requirements of pharmaceutical cleanrooms. Trusscore PVC — The Best Choice for Your Cleanrooms Duramax Trusscore PVC panels are designed for use in the most stringent medical research and aseptic environment. They offer the following benefits: No moisture guaranteed: They are 100% water resistant, hygienic, and free from warping, rotting, or discoloration due to moisture absorption or mold. Excellent surface finish: Ultra-smooth surface, joint-free appearance and hidden fasteners make our PVC the sleekest finish for cleanroom walls. Optimum safety: They have Class A fire rating and fully comply with the California Building Codes. So, they make excellent thermal and chemical-proof walls for your cleanrooms. Long life: Constructed with unique webbed inner truss design, they offer outstanding strength and last a lifetime — that’s unlike any other PVC panel on the market! That’s not all; there are more reasons to love Trusscore PVC panels. You can read about them here. To sum it up, Duramax Trusscore PVC panels offer significant financial and performance advantages over traditional cleanroom wall solutions. So if you are looking for wall panels to build cleanrooms for biomed, biotech, life science, medical device, and or any other pharmaceutical processing, we are happy to help.


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