Why PVC panels are ideally being used as commercial kitchen wall covering


A commercial kitchen is a heavy duty area because a massive amount of cooking goes on the whole day. There is usage of water, accumulation of oil, the formation of grease that makes the wall fragile. The moisture gets retained in the room and causes detrimental hazards. So is there any pertinent solution to eradicate moisture from a commercial kitchen? Basically, for an ideal commercial kitchen wall covering all you can do is install PVC panels at your establishment. These panels are ideal to eliminate moisture with ease and provide a durable touch and prevent the walls from falling apart. 


If you are looking for durable vinyl panels, talk to the experts at Duramax about your requirements. We are a team of professionals involved in manufacturing and installing quality PVC panels. Unlike FRP, our panels are extremely durable, water-resistant, and free from mold, have a 1-hour fire grade and do not attract bacteria.

Duramax panels are ideal for commercial kitchens because it’s white and light-reflective; it’s entirely chemical resistant and is very easy to clean. All our panels are FDA compliant and this is ensured by the ASTM testing. Comparing FRP and PVC, our panels have the longest lifespan and once you invest in covering up the kitchen walls, it’s a long-term solution. Duramax vinyl panels are highly preferred for commercial kitchens because it helps to maintain the sanitary conditions of the room.

Are you worried about the cost of our vinyl panels? The FRP panels could cost you less but vinyl panels are affordable in the long run.  Wall paneling is a home improvement project and involves expenses, thus vinyl is ideal if you are looking for a long-term solution.

It is quite evident that the individuals working in a commercial kitchen remain within their activity throughout the day. They hardly get any spare time to concentrate on other activities and thereby cleaning becomes a hassle. So what are the alternatives? Ideally, if you bar FRP and install PVC, the task of cleaning becomes easy. The  wall coverings for commercial kitchens are ideal as no bacteria gets accumulated at the base of the panels. Our panels do not have cervices and this is the main reason why Duramax panels do not harbor bacteria on its surface. FRP is quite prone to bacteria and is detrimental to make the walls fall apart.

On a final note, there is no denying the fact that a commercial kitchen is a very busy place and since it’s a very delicate place the interiors need to be placed properly and systematically. Preparing cuisines for a plethora of individuals is not easy and maintaining a quality standard of hygiene is very essential. With excessive water and oil seeping through the walls and ceilings are ideally not the correct ambiance for a kitchen. The food being prepared will be catered to several individuals and serving unhygienic cuisines is an ominous approach. To make things transparent get in touch with Duramax and allow us to install PVC panels at your establishment.


Trust Duramax so that we can allow you to get the ideal panels that can make your commercial establishment more robust. 


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