Why You Must Uninstall All Old FRP Boards And Install Waterproof Wall Paneling

PVC wall panels

Are you looking or wall paneling solutions and you cannot choose between vinyl and FRP? Keep reading this blog to read the comparison. This will help you to choose wisely.


There was a time when people used to install FRP, it was once considered ideal. Recently, FRP is least preferred because now there is vinyl wall paneling, a waterproof walling solution. When you decide to install waterproof wall paneling, you can only think of Duramax vinyl panels.

But still, there are people who cannot choose between the two due to the price factor. When it comes to money matters, customers try to choose the cheaper one but it’s always good to spend some more money and choose a solution that is long-lasting. When you spend less money in buying FRP panels, you have to consider that you need to be prepared for recurring expenditures. FRP is very much prone to repairs, it’s not a waterproof solution and therefore it might need early replacement. On the other hand, when you consider vinyl, it’s more expensive compared to other walling solutions, but it’s almost a lifetime solution. So, it’s wise to invest a little more for one time and then be rest assured. There are so many different types of walling materials so choose the right walling can most of the times be overwhelming.

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Are you thinking why vinyl is a better idea? You can install a PVC panel yourself, installing takes no much effort or time; it can be DIY by a single person. When you install PVC panels, you do not need any backers or adhesives while installing. Here again, you can save the material and labor costs. Vinyl sheets are pretty thick, it can act as the backer itself, and thus you do not need any more backers. Now FRP Is less costly but you cannot install it yourself and it needs adhesives and backers as well. So, you need to spend money on material and labor cost, it’s an additional expense. Vinyl is very easy to install, the grooves and tongues have the interlocking facility. Again, installing FRP is also time-consuming and this increases the labor cost more. So, now you probably got an idea of why FRP is not the right choice even if it is cheaper to buy.

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Our panels are very affordable, known for its durability, have weather-resistant capabilities and is also resistant to fire. Our panels do not need any cleaning; the surface is so smooth that it does not attract any dust or bacteria. Our panels also do not need any maintenance, simply wipe with a soft cloth. Call us anytime and get a free sample of vinyl panels.

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