Benjamin installed Duramax waterproof wall paneling in his dairy room

Dairy wall panels

Benjamin has his diary farm, and it’s been years that he is running the facility quite successfully. When he started, he had a crunch of funds, so the interior is very moderate. Now, he sees that the bare walls are getting too much affected by the everyday moisture, and its time to cover up. He took time to build the business, and now that it’s growing, he wishes to add more to the interior. He called us and wanted to discuss it with us before he invested in a PVC wall vinyl panel.


Now we explained to him that getting rid of moisture is no way possible, a dairy room filed with humidity is ideal for extracting milk from dairy animals. And we showed him evidence of how moisture damages the walls severely and then he would have to spend more money on repairing the wall. We suggested that he install waterproof wall paneling to keep the walls free from moisture.

We remember Benjamin asking us why he should not choose FRP for wall paneling, and we explained to him so clearly. If you are also thinking the same, you should know that FRP is not designed for commercial interiors that have too much moisture. FRP is not water-resistant because there are OSB or Drywall backers to attract water-vapor.  Moisture travels deep into the panels, gets accumulated between the walls and the panels. This leads to the formation of bacteria, mold, and mildew, causing damage to the walls and the panels.

He wanted to know the salient features of our panels and why he would install. The panels are incredibly durable, once installed; it can last for twenty to thirty years without maintenance. Since the panels are 100% moisture-resistant, it remains mold and bacteria-free. While Benjamin stressed on the quality, we assured that the experts manufacture our panels, and we are in this business for forty years. The panels are ASTM certified and FDA compliant. We check the quality of our products before it’s delivered to the clients.

Safety is another very crucial point that needs discussion, so we let Benjamin know that our panels are light-weight and have a 1- hour fire grade, which ensures that there won’t take place any sudden fire outbreak. The panels are also chemical resistant.

We also told him that our panels are white in color and light-reflective, which helps in saving some energy bills. The panels evenly distribute the reflected light, which helps in proper light distribution. Installing our vinyl walls panels helps to maintain the hygiene of your dairy room. PVC panels have the most extended lifespan when compared to other wall paneling solutions.

Benjamin can now experience that it’s so easy to clean and maintain PVC panels. These do not require any regular maintenance. The surface of our panels is very smooth; there are no cervices, so it does not allow bacteria to sit on the surface.

Benjamin is satisfied with Duramax PVC panels, if you have the same plan, get in touch with Duramax, and choose us for a personal consultation. Get a free sample, request for a quote.


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