Mark’s dairy room is ready for inspection – He installed dairy vinyl panels to get rid of damaged walls caused by old FRP panels

Dairy Wall Panels

Mark has his dairy parlor, and it’s been a few years that he has been running it successfully. He is very aware of the regular inspections that the state runs, and now he is worried that his dairy room is not very hygienic recently, mainly due to the damp walls and ceiling. While he was desperately looking for a wall paneling solution which would be longer-lasting compared to FRP, he came across Duramax PVC panels. It was high time he installed white and light-reflective Dairy Wall Panels.


The FRP panels that he installed were almost damaged, and the walls were damp and exposed. He booked a free consultation with our experts, and he wanted to know why his FRP panels got damaged so soon. We explained to him that FRP panels have OSB, Plywood or Drywall backers that soak in a lot of moisture, this gets accumulated between the walls and the panels to form high amounts of mold, and this damages the wall and the panels as well. This proves that FRP panels are not ideal for industries that have high moisture content inside. Now that he called Duramax PVC panels, Mark told us that he did take a tour of our website and have read so many positive testimonials, and he is extremely hopeful.

We suggested that he invest in high-quality and affordable dairy vinyl panels. A dairy room has intense moisture, and this is considered a proper environment for milking. So, he knew that it’s impossible to get rid of moisture, so he had to install waterproof PVC panels. Our panels are 100% waterproof, these do not have backers, so there is no scope for moisture to get inside. Your walls remain as good as new for years, and the panels can last for a lifetime, say for twenty to thirty years.

Mark asked us whether our panels are safe for installing, we assured that our PVC panels have 1- hour fire grade and this can forbid any fire hazard immediately; also the panels are not affected by spilling of chemicals. The client was also interested in discussing quality, and we assured him that our panels are certified. All Duramax PVC panels are ASTM certified and FDA compliant, and all products are checked for quality before it’s out in the market for sale. We informed our client that vinyl panels have the most extended lifespan when compared to all other types of wall paneling solutions. Mark wrote to us, “Thank you, Duramax, now my dairy room looks as good as new, and it’s more hygienic now.”

While previously, Mark knew that cleaning the FRP panels was an absolute necessity, and it was also a tough job because the surface is very rough. But now he does not have to worry much about cleaning, PVC panels do not need maintenance regularly. These panels are hassle-free to clean; the surface is smooth so no bacteria can survive on the surface. Simply wiping with a cloth or rinsing it will make the panels shine again.

If you are planning to install dairy vinyl panels, do not wait, these panels are easy and inexpensive to install. Trust Duramax PVC panels, we are into this trade for more than 40 years. There are plenty of happy clients who spread positive feedback about the company. Visit our website, contact us for a free sample, and get a quote within one day.


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