3 Things You Should Know Before Installing Drywall

Duramax Trusscore vinyl panels

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1. Water Damage

Water damage could become a huge expense to your walls when it comes to wet drywall. There are many different ways water damage could occur such as high humidity, wet environments, broken water lines, flooding, or sprinkler damage. A few industries that could be affected are grow facilities, indoor agriculture, farms, labs, commercial kitchens, food processing facilities, and more. Also, if you live in areas prone to flooding, think carefully about choosing drywall. Fixing water damage is not only necessary but is needed due to the health damage of wet drywall.

Preventing water damage can be easy. Duramax vinyl panels are completely water-resistant. Having these panels installed would save a tremendous amount of time and expense because water damage or emergencies can be handled well. Even water damage from pipes could be fixed by simply unscrewing the particular panel, fixing the pipe, and screwing the panel back on.


2. Big Holes or Cracking

Holes will almost be inevitable when it comes to drywall. A slight bump or trip can lead to a gaping hole and constant residue falling off. Repairing the hole would require cutting out the entire area completely and then inserting new drywall, sanding, and painting.

Cracks in drywall form where there are traces of moisture or just the building settling. This is a problem because cracks will eventually turn into more complex damages. Prevent both holes and cracks by using vinyl panels. Vinyl panels are flexible and able to absorb impact.

3. Termite Damage

Termites are pests that can come at any time and feed off of material like drywall. Damage can be hard to detect near the beginning but will always grow into something very obvious. Damages can be small holes, hollow walls, warped paint, or crumbling residue. Getting a termite inspection as soon as possible would be the best step. Repair would be the same steps as holes and cracks, replacing the entire section completely. Vinyl panels are not affected by termites, do not peel, and do not absorb water.

How Humidity Impacts Drywall and Paint

Overall when working in facilities that have humidity, whether it is environmentally or purposely, drywall and paint can be affected greatly. First, it takes longer for drywall and paint to dry which means a higher chance of failure, mold, cracking, sagging, or bubbling. Over time, a paint’s color could discolor in an environment that is too warm. The greatest threat to walls is the possibility of forming mold because not only can it be an expensive repair, it could also harm the people in the building. Call 323-352-9279 today for a free sample and quote of Duramax Trusscore vinyl panels!



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